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Shoulder angel tattoos are very common in men, although some women loves shoulder angel tattoos but for men, shoulder tattoo is the most common part of the body for tattoos to sit in. Although many people think of angel tattoos as having religious symbolism, they can represent numerous other meanings as well. Gothic angels, dressed in black and surrounded by dark, swirling clouds, are also becoming common among younger tattoo wearers.
One of the best things about using an angel as part of a tattoo design is that it lends itself to a variety of styles and colors. One of the most common types of Angel Tattoo Designs that you will see are Back Angel Tattoos. As you would also expect Men and Women tend to have different ideas for getting a Back Angel Tattoo.
Well many people consider back angel tattoos to be very sexy and an Angel souring outstretched gives a feeling of protection and faith. This is the usual place where the tattoos are placed so no wonder that angel tattoos can also be commonly found in shoulders.
Shoulder angel tattoos also symbolizes courage, because angels have the courage bigger than any human and they are believed that they can overcome trials and difficulties on a very simple and easy way.
Angel is one of popular tattoo ideas for expressing love of God and belief of the religion.

So the wings are the main attribute for angel tattoos, which are mostly inked on the back in dark color, or on the sleeve for some creative designs.
It is not unusual to see angel tattoos rendered in many different ways, from classic designs to elaborate masterpieces. Both men and women can pull off these tattoos, and they are appropriate for people of nearly any age. Fallen angels are becoming more common as tattoo designs – they are used to symbolize disappointment, loss of faith, and many other negative connotations. An angel can be used as part of an intricate Celtic design, an ethereal sleeve tattoo, or a stark fiery design.
Back Angel Tattoos are very attractive, especially for women, and when the Angel covers the entire back gives it a presence other tattoos don’t have.
Men lean towards having a male Angel standing or souring with wings outstretched while women will have either the female equivalent or a sitting female Angel. Some common meanings of having an Angel Tattoo on your back are peace, innocence, protection and faith. When an angel tattoo is placed in the shoulder, there is one clear meaning for it, it symbolizes strength. Angels can solve problems easily, that is why humans wants to have a shoulder angel tattoo to somehow intake this skills that the angels posses.

Today I collected 60 holy angel tattoo designs, which you can enjoy their beauty, purity, or kindliness. However it is used, an angel can be the centerpiece of a tattoo that turns heads and gets noticed.
The meaning of an angel tattoo can be quite personal, and can hold a special meaning for the wearer that is not readily apparent to others. Tattoos of severed angel wings, placed on the shoulder blades, are also gaining popularity among the disaffected. There are no limits to how an angel tattoo can be rendered, except for the limit of the wearer’s imagination. The two most popular choices when getting Back Angel Tattoos are for the Angel covering the entire back as we mentioned or the other is to just get two Angel wings, one of either side of your back. Of course either of the two back angel tattoo designs are beautiful and attractive and comes down to personal taste.

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