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With budgets growing ever tighter, the ability to hire photographers for custom photo work is virtually gone for many designers, especially freelancers. Morguefile is a small stock photo archive, meaning photographers contribute the photos and allow them to be used by anyone for virtually anything. Probably the most popular microstock photography site on the web, iStockphoto offers a huge collection of images, vector art, video and audio files to choose from. I wouldn’t start my article out about Getty Images as being a source for affordable images at one time and its even funny that you have three Getty owned properties linked to in affordable images.
I appreciate your comments, but you have to admit that when you criticize other stock houses when you yourself work for one of their competitors, it doesn’t hold a whole lot of water.
Sites like Getty Images made a name for themselves by offering high-quality stock photography at an affordable price, those prices have gone up significantly over the years, and reached a point where they’re nearly out of reach again.

Started by a small handful of designers, Photocase has gained a reputation for creative and high-quality photography. Because Freerange is so particular by the photos they shoot themselves, and receive from photographers all over the world, their collection is much smaller than competing sites. I was pointing out that you classified them as being affordable which you have now clarified a bit and I was saying that the first two, Getty and Istock aren’t seen as really being affordable anymore.
There are now hundreds of sites on the web that offer fantastic photography for little to no cost. The quality of the photos ranges from decent to excellent, and while some photos require you to notify the photographer if you wish to use the image publicly, most images are completely free. Images can be purchased using a credit system, not my favorite way to buy images, but they are affordable.

Their rights managed collection was never considered affordable for anyone outside of an advertising agency, publisher or corporation.
I’ve found the images at Crestock to be of very high-quality, and I suspect it will remain that way since they were recently acquired by Masterfile Corporation, an old-school stock photo house known for superior images. If the price is somehow too high we have a bidding mechanism where you can state the price you want to pay directly to the photographer.

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