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Color touch screen q switch laser tattoo removal systemTheoryYttrium-Aluminum-garnet (Nd: YAG) laser. The Pixel laser is a resurfacing laser that can dramatically improve one's skin without significant downtime or discomfort. Fractional resurfacing lasers are very exciting because they offer significant skin improvements with relatively little to no downtime. A significant advantage of the Pixel laser is that no topical anesthetic creams or messy gels are necessary for treatment.
The Pixel laser is an FDA-approved resurfacing laser that creates small microscopic wounds within the skin that heal and stimulate new collagen production that in turn tightens and smoothes out the skin's surface. Most patients see a significant improvement in the appearance of their skin after the first treatment.

Most patients see improvements in skin texture, tone, and pigmentation within a week of treatment. The Pixel laser treatment is very well tolerated and has almost no discomfort - a significant advantage over some other fractional resurfacing devices. San Diego Dermatology and Laser Surgery has a variety of laser devices that eradicate unwanted vasculature in the skin including broken blood vessels, red marks, capillaries, red birthmarks such as hemangiomas and port wine stains and small cherry angiomas. Multiple treatment sessions may be needed to remove unwanted redness from the body or face. Treatment with the vascular lasers is relatively fast and easy to perform on virtually any area of the body. Treatments typically take 10-30 minutes to perform depending upon the size of the lesion(s) being treated and the body location.

Most patients will experience mild redness after treatment and may have some mild swelling as well.
Sclerotherapy is one of the most common treatments performed for spider and varicose veins of the legs. For most patients, side effects are minimal and they can resume normal activities within a few days. Most studies show that 50-80% of veins disappear with each treatment session of Sclerotherapy.

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