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If hair won’t come back at all or only very little, or if the tattoo shape is ok and the color has changed, we can correct the color and we can also correct the shape with additional tattooing placed correctly to fool the eye. There are a number of techniques to try and remove pigment: Saline, clay, laser, glycolic acid are among the most popular.
The product that I use for tattoo removal doesn’t care what color the pigment is, it is just trying to lift the pigment out of the dermis, up through the epidermis, then forming a scab which exfoliates with pigment in it.
Don’t have tattoo removal before a cosmetic procedure such as laser or peels that might interfere with healing the removal area. Results after 4 treatments of saline removal.We may do another treatment depending on how the results turn out after her most recent treatment.
We are also removing the arch to the tail because she wants to regrow her own brow and the tail is too high. We've altered the picture and taken out the faded remaining tattoo to clearly emphasize how much of her own brow has come in.
The original technician covered up mistakes with skin tone camouflage pigment which made it worse.
Her own brow hair from arch to tail was removed because she wanted a different shape from her own brow. Her brow has now completely grown in and is a much more flattering shape than the original tattoo.
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Tracie Giles is constantly developing and researching new permanent and semi permanent make up eye brow techniques to ensure that her clients leave her London Knightsbridge clinic with a perfect result. Traciea€™s unique hair by hair technique with eyebrow tattooing gives you incredible individual style.

Matched perfectly to the natural colour of your brows, Tracie Giles semi permanent eyebrows can lengthen, broaden, balance and perfect the look of your brows with a delicate haze of colour, or by individually drawing tiny hair strokes among the real hairs. For those with thin or a€?invisiblea€™ brows due to excessive plucking, fair or gingery hair colour, Tracie Giles semi permanent eyebrows can create completely natural looking, beautifully shaped brows which wona€™t smudge or wash off and keep their perfect look for years to come. This is an exciting specialised treatment which has made Tracie Giles well known throughout the permanent makeup industry.
The perfect set of semi permanent eyebrows frame your eyes and give your whole face definition. For a typical celebrity brow the Tracie Giles clinic is constantly asked to replicate Megan Foxa€™s gorgeous brunette eyebrows. Tracie Giles can create the illusion of perfect little hairs skilfully created to a€?cheata€™ your way to the brows of your dreams. For clients who have lost their own brow hair through natural ageing, over plucking, Alopecia or Chemotherapy. Your permanent eyebrows makeup is not entirely permanent and you will need to return for a maintenance visit from time to time to keep the mineral colour fresh.
Very often if the result is quite faded and can be covered with just a little makeup, people will opt to do that and just let it continue to fade.
Her genius treatment adds numerous fine hair stokes that imitate hair growth creating a dream brow.
The results are breathtaking; this procedure gives your face depth, shape and can make you look younger. My clientsa€™ delight at the gorgeous results makes my years of hard work and dedication worth every minute" Tracie Giles. Where most eyebrow enhancements add a block of colour only, Traciea€™s treatment adds individual, ultra precise hair strokes to strengthen, define and elegantly arch the brow.

The latest catwalk trend from the international fashion shows this year has featured striking brows to complement the latest designer gowns. Tracie Giles permanent make up eyebrows adds emphasis to your eyes and expression to your whole face.
Utilising whichever semi permanent eyebrows effect gives each individual client the most flattering and bespoke shape, Tracie and her team will re-create perfect permanent eyebrows with the most flattering and stunning detail. This permanent make up aftercare review and refresher treatment is available annually at a specially discounted rate. Because individual hairs are drawn onto the skin with ultra precision, it creates a completely realistic 3D effect. Some of our mature clients feel as though they have had a face lift when they see how rejuvenating their new brows look.
The arch in the middle adds a youthful touch that is rejuvenating, bringing out the blue in her eyes.
As one of the most inspired and admired artists in Brow perfection worldwide, Tracie offers the most comprehensive choice of permanent makeup eyebrows techniques available, some of which are exclusive to the Tracie Giles clinic. This incredible permanent eyebrows makeup technique brings clients across the globe for this remarkable skill, which combines perfectly simulated natural 3D hair strokes at beginnings and ends, with colour mist through the middle and arch to define and perfect.
With a realistic look, semi permanent make up can perfectly replicate the effect of any celebritya€™s eyebrows.
This technique for the more mature lady literally turns back the clock and rejuvenates the face by using Traciea€™s perfect dimensional hair simulation technique.

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