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Irish tattoos come in a great variety of styles, stemming from the rich and varied artistic traditions that are part of the Irish culture. From Celtic tattoos to the classic Claddagh heart, to religious tattoos such as the Irish cross, these tattoos are a great way to celebrate your appreciation for Irish and Celtic heritage.
Celtic art consists of beautiful and complex knotwork and stylized images taken from nature. This Celtic knotwork can also be found on Irish stonework that may date as far back as 400 BC. The Irish are very well aware of their Celtic heritage, but many Irish are also very religious.
The word "shamrock" is derived from the Irish word seamrog, which means "little clover." It refers to a three-leafed white clover (which is really green but has white flowers), not the rare four-leaf clover often associated with good luck. Despite not being the "lucky" four-leaf clover, the shamrock and any clover represents good fortune in the Irish tradition. A four-leaf clover is extremely rare, that's why it became a symbol of luck: you must be extremely lucky to find one (you have 1 chance in 10,000).
In tattoo designs, four-leaf clovers are often combined with other luck symbols, like a horseshoe.
As a tribute to her faithfulness and love, he designed what we now know as the Claddagh, a crowned heart held by two hands. The third type of Irish tattoo is one that reflects the Irish folklore, which is related to both the Celtic and Christian traditions, yet distinct from both.
The Irish are very patriotic and tend to be rather sentimental about their love for their culture - which would explain the growing popularity of Irish tattoos. Cuded has published showcases of some of the most popular follow tattoo design ideas, such as rose tattoos, lily tattoos, lotus tattoos, etc. An excellent integration of flower, butterflies, which rendered in the style of tribal tattoo. Hibiscus is a plant of around 250 flowers, grown in warm climates for its large brightly colored flowers. The Gladioli is a flower that grows in the Mediterranean part of Europe, it also can be found in Tropical Africa, Asia, and South Africa. Here is a collection of 42 Cool and Pretty Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Women for your inspiration. Tattoo artists often get requests of inking a tribal design and most of them would agree that creating perfect tribal tattoo design is one of the most difficult tasks.
Eagle is an element that is included in tattoo designs to signify the attributes of strength and courage. In a tribal tattoo you may either have an entire tattoo of a bear claw or it may be a part of an intricate tattoo.
The symbol of shark is typically a popular Polynesian tribal element that is often seen included in tribal tattoos. Phoenix is probably the most intriguing mythical creature that is often seen in tribal tattoos. Many such symbols are used as tribal tattoos designs, which are not only used for their visual appeal but for the deeper meanings that each of them carry.

As for the prosperous tattoo industry, skull tattoos own a lot of symbolic meanings so they are super popular among both sexes. The Irish have a soulful, spiritual and very colorful culture - and Irish tattoo art reflects the full spectrum of it.
In fact, the Irish commonly place a clover in the bride’s bouquet as well as in the groom’s boutonniere to ensure a happy union! They can go almost anywhere – on an ankle, shoulder, lower back or even on the hand or foot.
Patrick drew a simple Latin cross through the symbol of the stone circle, a motive readily adopted by his new converts. That Irish Claddagh tattoo on the pretty Colleen sitting next to you has its roots in a story from the early 16h century. The fisherman was rescued by pirates unfortunately and was sold into slavery in western Africa. A Claddagh tattoo may symbolize a romantic connection between two people or it may represent a strong bond of friendship that lasts through the years, that's why it's often used as a marriage tattoo. While Irish tattoos are common as body art in today's society, they embody the elements of an ancient and playful Celtic spirit.
And flowers are also popular tattoo ideas as most of then carries special symbolic meanings for their unique attributes and historical reasons.
In this post, please enjoy the initial collection of 65+ beautiful flower tattoo designs and their meanings. Different tulip colors carry distinct meanings – yellow tulips symbolizing cheerful thoughts, white conveying forgiveness and purple representing royalty.
Hibiscus has been the representation of many nations: Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea, and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia. Getting a particular style of tattoo is now another great way to make women to be more confident in their skin, besides the sexy outfits and stunning nails. They can give the feeling that a person who has this kind of tattoo can only be described as powerful and awesome. Browse through all these photos and let us know which one you like the best in the comments.
The tribal tattoos designs not only signify the age old traditional beliefs but also carry deeper meanings. Here are some of the tattoo symbols that carry deeper meanings and are often seen in tribal tattoos. Many choose to include an eagle in their tribal tattoo design after having successfully lived off a particular difficult time in their lives.
In the ancient times having a shark or shark’s teeth tattooed on their bodies gave the wearer a sense of protection from the evil spirits. This mythical creature, as professed, has built its own funeral pyre, only to rise again from its own ashes.
Just as the other tattoos, you can choose to ink the stunning skull tattoos on your arm, foot, chest, hip, or back. The Celts were an ancient people who once lived throughout Europe, settling in the British Isles around the time of the early Roman Empire.

Today's tattoo symbols draw on this ancient tradition and are a favorite motif for Irish tattoo designs. Escaping a few years later, he returned to Ireland, expecting his betrothed to have married someone else. A golden harp with silver strings has been an Irish symbol from as early as the 13th century.
Some women like to cover up their full arm with tattoo designs or the half and quarter sleeves. Those who have these tattoos generally have them because of the meaning these tribal symbols carry. A bear claw tribal tattoo signifies the wearer’s deeper connection with his surrounding environment and the natural world.
Hence, phoenix is a symbol that men and women get tattooed to signify rebirth and rejuvenation. He was a wise man and used familiar objects to illustrate Christian principles to the Irish people.
It is said he reached down, plucked a shamrock, and held it up to illustrate the Holy Trinity to the followers of pagan Celtic gods and goddesses. Sleeve tattoo designs for women can also involve a lot of artwork, like flowers, quotes, angels, dreamcatchers, lace, dandelion and watercolor ink.
You may think about inking a new tattoo designs for your body or you decide to have the first tattoo? These tattoos are not necessarily done by those who have a tribal ancestry but are quite commonly inked by those with no tribal ancestry as well. They were rather nasty customers with no qualms about doing in nosy people trying to heist their Lucky Charms.
Some men and women, however, only get these tattoos done because of the visual appeal they give away instead of their meanings. Let us go through some of them and look through the tribal tattoos meaning and their significance.
In the Japanese culture, cherry blossoms represent beauty, wisdom and the fragility and transitory of life.
You can opt for cherry blossom tattoo with a popping array of bold red color and delicate, paper-like leaves. If you desire a fuller or bigger cherry blossom, you can add branches to gain real cascading effect.You can choose a single cherry blossom with different shades of pink at the smaller place, such as foot or hand. For more stunning and awesome effect, you can pair the gorgeous cherry blossom tattoo with fantastical-inspired subjects, such as birds, insects, and other elements.

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