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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! As the name suggests, Samoan tattoos have their origin in the Polynesian culture of the Samoan people. Choose among some of the finest Samoan tattoo designs presented here to accentuate your inner beauty.
If you are trying to choose a tattoo design that is rich with symbolic meaning, the octopus tattoo might be just what you need. Choose from among the cool octopus tattoo ideas presented here as they allow you to experiment with a wide range of colors and styles. Check out the cool snake tattoos presented here that are notable for their striking appearance. Although often associated with a sense of darkness, danger and allure, it can have many positive meanings as well and can be worn by both sexes.
The legacy of their tattoos gradually spread to the Western world after Dutch sailors first stepped on the island of Manua in 1722.

However, they also owe a great deal of their mystique to the aquatic environment in which they reside. Snakes were considered as important, virtuous creatures in many cultures of ancient times, and have inspired countless myths, legends, stories, fables and folklores.
Nowadays people love to sport Samoan tattoos even though not all of us would love to sit for the lengthy and painful procedure associated with these tattoos. Also, the ability to change its color and hide itself in its environment at will, or the skill of disappearing when threatened by using a cloud of dark ink simply adds to their allure of magic and wonder.
The snake or the serpent is associated with sin, temptation and evil in Bible, who is ultimately held responsible for the fall of man. Both the men’s tattoos called pe’a and women’s tattoos, known as malu were done by using teethed combs that were dipped in the ink. However, the snake is also associated with wisdom, knowledge, fertility and healing as well as the qualities of patience, power and protectiveness. Although originally done on women of rank, men within the Samoan culture also sported them to symbolize their manhood.

In occult and mystical knowledge, the snake Ouroboros is associated with regeneration and eternity. Octopus tattoos can represent a wide range of symbolic meanings, such as secretiveness, mystery, changeability, fertility, protectiveness, illusiveness, independence, regeneration and agility.
Other attributes associated with snake tattoos include transformation, cycles of life, awareness and death. They can also be very colorful, and popular shades include red, black, yellow, green and orange. A snake tattoo can sometimes be accompanied by the image of a skull, to give it a more gothic look.

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