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GearOne will clearly communicate the status of your order and provide you with a delivery timeline throughout your order process. Please contact us before placing your order if you have a very strict deadline, and we will accommodate your needs. You will see a real embroidery sample on a fabric similar to your ordered garments for approval before production. Artwork and special instructions are submitted in one of three ways after activating the 'Get it Customized' pop-up on any of our product pages.
Select this option and all artwork will be communicated through E-Mails after your order isplaced. You can provide special instructions in the comments section as you checkout, or through E-Mail by replying to the confirmation E-Mail that is sent after placing your order.
Simply select the decoration locations you want, use one of the 3 artwork submission methods listed above, and checkout with your order.
Pricing for Screen Printing orders varies depending on the quantity of items being decorated and the decoration being applied. Pricing and order minimum details for custom promotional items vary depending on the item, the quantity, and the decoration being applied. All items in your cart contribute to your tier calculation - including all sizes, colors, and styles.

Be sure to plan your orders, as sometimes adding just a few pieces can lower the overall cost significantly. Elephant tattoos have deep symbolic value and can stand for wisdom, patience, prosperity and success.
Tribal elephant tattoo designs originating from the Native American, Haida and Polynesian traditions are the most popular ones, often symbolizing human’s link to the nature.
Like other small tattoo designs, small elephant tattoos look good on one’s shoulder, foot or on the wrist. This variety of elephant tattoos are based on the Dali elephant pictures developed by Spanish artist Salvador Dali. In these tattoos, the baby elephant pictures are often combined with the mother or a group of adult elephants. The tattoos feature only the head, trunk and tusks of an elephant rather than their whole bodies.
Cute elephant tattoos are quite feminine with tattoo artists often designing these tattoos for their female clients.
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We call this sample embroidery a Pre-Production Proof, and it is free with every custom order.

Simply reply to our E-Mails with the best art files you have available and any special instructions you have. We will confirm all details of your custom decoration through E-Mail and show you what they will look like before they are decorated. For example, if you buy 15 medium blue t-shirts and 12 large red polo shirts, your cart quantity total would equal 15+12=27 items, and you would receive the 24+ piece quantity discount on all items.
They can also symbolize power, authority, benevolence, kindness, truth as well as love and compassion.
If we do not hear from you within 2-3 business days we will attempt to contact you by E-Mail, then by phone. There are countless varieties of elephant tattoos including the tattoos based on the Hindu deity Ganesha that are believed to remove all obstacles and bring good luck to the wearer. If your wrapping isn’t transparent then label your battery wrap with a marker pen afterwards.

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