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Using the forms of many 100 dollar bills to create the shape of a rose is the challenge of a tattoo shaped like a money rose. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Love Symbol Tattoos, Inspirational Words For Tattoos, Simple Cross Tattoos and I Love You Tattoos. A dull gray metallic shade used in the ink gives a hard and heavy feel to the money rose that curves down to touch the wrist in this fist tattoo design. The pink tight bud shaped heart of the rose is surrounded by dollar bills in this vividly colored money rose tattoo design.
See how the edges of the dollar bills have been styled with broken lines to resemble the edges of rose petals in this tattoo design.
In this money rose tattoo one side of the rose is tightly shaped like a flower while on the other side you can see the loose edges of the notes flying.
Ink effects have been used to deepen the lines and give a 3D look to the money petals in this money rose tattoo design. The money rose opens out in a vertical design with vines weaving through in this single colored arm tattoo. 100 dollar bills, some of them rolled up, the others remaining loose and spread out, make up the design of this forearm tattoo.
This tattoo plays with the themes of money, love and mortality through its blend of money rose, woman and skull shapes. You can see the rose money design spiraling outward with delicate shading used to deepen the artistic feel of the tattoo. The uneven edges of a rose petal are mimicked by the sharp fine broken lines of the dollar bills in this money rose arm tattoo. This artistically sketched money rose design plays with spiraling shapes to create a richly patterned look.
The spiral roll made by a dollar bill is the focal point of this spread out money rose tattoo inked on the arm. The compact form of a rose money tattoo complete with leaves on the sides sits inked on the arm in this design. This money rose tattoo is on the verge of coming undone, perhaps showing how fragile the money system really is. The delicate low-key shading gives a soft look to the shape of the money rose in this arm tattoo.

This tattoo done with finely inked outlines brings out the form of a basic 100 dollar rose on the forearm. The form of this money rose tattoo on the fist shows the notes all spread out in a loose fashion creating a sense of chaos.
The paper notes are spread out like rose petals with the folded notes at the center resembling the heart of a rose in this creative leg tattoo. This is an artistically shaded tattoo combining the shape of a rose, dollar bills and patterned rose leaves into a single complex design. A 100 dollar bill is shaped like the heart of a rose with similar value bills making up the rest of the flower in this tattoo design. The delicate curves of rose petals are the folds of the dollar bills in this imaginative tattoo. The twists and curves bring to live the serpentine path of the one who lives by the dollar in this 3D style money rose tattoo.
The dollar bills have been folded up to make huge rolls shaped like roses with leaves completing the money rose tattoo design. 3D Rose Money Design is very beautiful i just want to have a plant of this money rose flower.
I was told by my parents that there is no tree for money but look what i m seeing here a money rose where that came from when money did not grow on trees(just joking). AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Mandala Tattoo meaning – harmony (like a panda), beauty (like Zeus), wisdom (like a King tut), impermanence, peace (like an arrow), equilibrium, balance (like a caduceus), etc.
Mandala Tattoo Placement ideas – on your arm, behind your ear, on your forearm, on your lower back, on your wrist, etc.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. When these two completely different objects come together in a design what results is a Money Rose Tattoo. The spiral of the rose can be created by using the pattern a dollar bill makes when it is tightly folded. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

If you understand what a mandala signifies, if you are interested in meditation and in buddhism in general, this type of tattoo might be perfect for you, no matter if you are a man or a woman. The mandala tattoo is often associated with other tattoos, such as: lotus flower + mandala, etc. Om tattoos represent an understanding of the ancient universal principles with the symbol standing for the sound of life in this universe.
The fine edges of the dollar bill let tattoo artists play with many sorts of creative ideas in making money rose tattoo designs.
A rose tattoo made with money bills shows the new romance of this age, in which money is what seems to be everything that is important in the world. These tattoos can symbolize anything from divinity, evolution and creation to progress, unity, truth and honesty.
Whether it is shaped in folds, or spread out to resemble the shape of petals a money rose can be an interesting design to sport. Yet, the shape of a money rose unraveling can also point to the way the money system is so fragile in reality.
Sporting a fashionable Om tattoo is an excellent way of showing off one’s spiritual side while making a bold style statement. A tattoo design that combines the shapes of a rose with dollar bills can be inked on different parts of the anatomy.
The naturally circular shape that the rose has means that the design is great for a fist, the wrist, the foot, or the rounded fleshy part of the forearm.
In these designs the money rose can come together with vine shapes weaving through the dollar bills to create great patterns. Usually a single color is used for the design and then deepened effects can create a rich three-dimensional look. Sometimes a money rose pattern may also play with colors with the heart of the design in the shape of a pink rosebud.
The patterns of money bills shaped into a rose sometimes have rose leaves added to the borders of the money petals to make it look even more like a real rose.

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