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Cara Delevingne announced her first ever tattoo on Instagram today: a lion on her right forefinger.
The party-hardy model and sometime Alexander Wang muse has always had tatts on her upper arm, but showed off a beefed-up version of them for her Zadig and Voltaire campaign. Distraught mother rating: “Honey, I love you, but why tattoo your own name on yourself? Next to Freja and Erin, Abbey’s probably got the most tattoos out of any on the list. Read our interview with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez following the announcement of the release of his debut album I Told You on 19th August. When you are looking for Kate Moss tattoos, you can actually find there 5 tattoos – that is many for a model! Remember we talked about Kate Moss taking on a job (well, kind of) as a jewelry designer chez Fred? But her real crowning glory is the design of two tiny swallows on her lower back – tattooed by Lucian Freud, who learnt the trade while he was in the Navy.
She started working as a model at the age of 14, when in the JFK airport after returning from family holiday she got noticed by Sarah Doukas from the Storm Agency in New York. Star tattoos have different meanings: from hope and fulfilling desires, to being a symbol of fame and shining, what many celebrities are choosing to get on their bodies.

This is considered as strong talisman bringing fortune and happiness; it can be related also to love and harmony in a family. Anchor is one of the most popular tattoos among seafarers – to show their relation with the sea. The Kills is a rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart ("VV") and guitarist Jamie Hince ("Hotel"). The tabloids have speculated that they were married in a secret ceremony after they were spotted with matching anchor tattoos on their wrists a€?to keep each other groundeda€?. A little detail about her collection might trigger that memory – Kate’s Fred Jewelry Collection is inspired by her very own tattoos! A young model with very thin, even boyish body and very low weight, what looked like she is fighting with eating disorders, appeared on the British magazine’s cover and got famous fast. Probably, that was made for her ex-boyfriend singer Pete Doherty, who also has a heart tattoo with the letter ‘K’ inked inside of it for Kate placed on his left shoulder.
Another tattoo related to such qualities as fame, power and royalty on Kate’s body is crown on her left shoulder. It has also been widely used as a symbol of Christianity because of its resemblance to a Christian cross, it can symbolise stability and settling down, and holding to one’s principles as well.  The simple anchor tattoo is the most popular of Kate Moss tattoos – it is inked on such a visible place that you can see it in many of her photographs. Their three albums, Keep On Your Mean Side, No Wow and Midnight Boom, have gathered much critical praise.

She has a status of her own, something we’ll only see happening with one of the Supers and less with today’s models.
In 2005 the model won Fashion Icon award and in spite of her scandalous personal life, problems with drugs and alcohol, what made her to lose several important contracts, her career kept growing. From tried-and-true supermodels like Kate Moss to newbie stand-outs like Cara Delevingne (who, mind you, has gone under the needle nine times in 2013 alone) tattoos have become a unique new way for models to set themselves apart from the crowd. Why do they have to go over the top with the styling and everything when really, less is more? On the outside of her right wrist, Kate Moss has a small anchor tattoo inked in black, and she also has two birds inked on her lower back, in a similar (but much smaller) design to Harry Styles’ swallow tattoos on his chest. Kate’s back tattoo was inked by artist Lucian Freud, who apparently used to do all the tattoos for his sailors buddies when he was in the Navy.
Back in 2008, when Heidi and Seal were celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary and seemed inseparable, the supermodel had a prominent tattoo of her hubby’s name inked in a highly visible spot on her forearm. In the years since, Heidi has added four small stars to the tattoo to represent her four children, Helene, Henry, Johan and Lou.

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