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A dreamcatcher Tattoo is a special form of feather tattoo and has strong links to American native culture.
A dreamcatcher, is a hoop containing a web or net, decorated with feathers and beads, which is believed to bring good dreams to its owner. Hoop – The hoop served primarily as a frame for the web, but some believe it represents the circle of life.
221B Baker Street Harry Potter Quotes a?† Girls night out a?† Asian Lilies a?† Phoenix a?† Harry Potter Coffee Mugs! It is also a popular tattoo design idea for women for its symbolic meaning or perhaps icon of fashion.
Good dreams are allowed to go through the hole in the web and bad dreams are caught and trapped in the web.
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Hiddlestoner a?… Happy 21st Birthday Anjali a?† Cas Quotes HP Quotes Phoenix Ben on Sesame Street Disney Quotes a™? a?† Kraken a?† Northern Lights Albus Dumbledore Quote Disney Renaissance Posters Quotes a™? Quotes Quotes Sam, Dean & Cas Cumberbombing! Live, Love, Laugh, Dream Sam and Dean a™? Fandom Mugs The Avengers - Constellations The Avengers - Constellations Cas Quotes Eclipse Cast a?… Snape & Lucy a?† a?… Severus, Sirius & Remus a?† a?… scooby doo & shaggy a?† a?… Star Trek Into Darkness ~ John Harrison a?† Tom Hiddleston a™? Disney Renaissance Posters Disney Renaissance Posters Eric Martsolf a™? Quotes Aries Twins Favorites - Cartoons: The Smurfs Venus, Jupiter and the Pleiades Supernatural Day! For the most part you can cover it up when you untie your hair which gives you a couple of different style options. As you can see they have opted for a lot of feathers on this one and sometimes people will pick a particular birds feathers that have some kind of symbolism to them.We really love this one.
There is also 3 smaller hoops underneath which might be symbolic of 3 significant people in that persons life.A beautiful photo of someone out in nature with their dream catcher tattoo. As you can see they are sporting a really well done dreamcatcher tattoo on their shoulder.Have a dreamcatcher that you really like? Why not take it in to your tattooist and have them replicate it on your arm so that it will last a life time.

Also notice the red dipped feathers which also hold a significance in their culture for warriors.We really love the style of this one. We particularly like how each of the hoops contains a different style of web.This is one of our favorites because of how unique it is. Here is an exception where someone has opted for some pretty white roses that contrast really nicely against the thick black lines of the dreamcatcher.Another rare spot to get tattooed is on the palm of your hand as it is considered that it will rub off easier, but here is a beautiful example of how pretty they can look. We also like how they have mixed the two colors together in the actual web itself and then finally they have also added some yellow beads hanging from the hoop to mix it up a bit.

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