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DermErase is A small but efficient clinic specializing in non-surgical laser treatments, We are professionally trained and certified in all these procedures.
I used Dermerase to remove an ex-girlfriends name from my shoulder, I found the staff very professional and friendly, gave me great piece of mind with regards to the laser treatment, I’m so happy having my old shoulder back! Join today and get access to Articles, Pictures of treatments and testimonials, as well as our latest offers.
The development of bacteria in acne usually triggers our natural defence mechanism antibodies in the white blood cells will enter the clogged follicles and eliminate the bacteria.
Boxcar acne scar - round or oval shaped when seen from above, with sharp vertical edges on cross section, appear similar to post chicken pox scars. Rolling acne scar - appear like undulations on the skin, caused by tethering of skin to the underlying tissues. Deep pit acne scar - sharp and deeply indented, caused by the loss of subcutaneous tissue volume. Ice-pick acne scar - small holes in the skin, appear like the indentation left by an ice-pick.
If acne scarring appears, the treatment chosen to remove them will largely depend on the type of scarring you have and your skin type. The traditional way of treating severe and deep acne scarring involves dermabrasion or surgical excision, during which the top layers of the affected skin are sanded off.
Fortunately, a revolutionary advance in aesthetics technology has brought us a far less invasive solution to deep acne scarring. Dermal FX with INParT; Reduce the visible signs of aging for younger, healthier-looking radiant skin. Photo facial & Photo Rejuvenation: Skin imperfections can have a big impact on a person?s confidence and self-image. These skin conditions can be minimized or eliminated with little or no downtime and with very minimal discomfort. The vacuum pressure of the Microdermabrasion treatment is customized according to your needs and skin type. Microdermabrasion treatment is one of the few treatments which can truly be described as "lunch-time" treatments with no down time afterwards. Minimally invasive Fractional Radiofrequency Micro-needles(FRM) device is a state of the art technology.
The problem: INTRAcel tackles wrinkles, acne scarring, sagging skin, enlarged pores and lack luster skin texture.
The Treatment: It is non-surgical beauty treatment with barely any downtime and the impressive results can last up to two years. The Results: Various studies have found significant improvement in skin textures, pore size, wrinkles, acne scarring, sagging skin. The good news is that Lina Diminno Med Spa offers a range of Laser Hair Removal Treatments that deliver permanent results in just a few sessions with no pain or downtime. The Cool Intelligent Pulsed Light is suitable for most skin types and tones, including dark and tanned skin. The Cool Intelligent Pulsed Light can treat fine hair on a woman's upper lip just as easily and effectively as the coarse hair on a man's back.
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The two images on this homepage show possibilities with permanent makeup, and are not a work of Gold Permanent Makeup's technician. When you have a tattoo the particles of ink are too large for the body to destroy, so instead it encapsulates the particles of ink with a network of collagen fibres as the skin heals, and there the tattoo remains.
If acne lesions are not treated promptly and properly, they can leave acne scarring on your complexion even if you don’t squeeze or pick them. However, in the process of killing off the acne bacteria, the antibodies may also cause inflammation and destruction of the surrounding dermis.
In some cases, a combination of different techniques may achieve best results of scar revision. In each case, it is important that any active acne is under control during or prior to treatment, since the impact on the skin caused by acne may last for a long time.
The INTRAcel Technology can now improve deep acne scars dramatically, without the risks and side effects related to surgical procedures and ablative lasers. With age, the skin becomes loose, creating folds and creases that only get worse over time. This procedure promises to give you a better complexion after only one photo rejuvenation treatment. The skin may be a little pinker than usual for 30 minutes or so but you will certainly be able to return to work immediately afterwards.
The device that treats the skin gives selective heating in the dermis using bipolar RF (or monopolar RF) through micro-needles.
Several studies are showing that clients are finding significant improvement and are very satisfied with the results after just one treatment.

Shaving, waxing and depilatory creams are just temporary solutions, while electrolysis can be a tedious, invasive and painful process.
We use SolisPro CIPL System (Cool Intelligent Pulsed Light) which is effective on almost any area of the body for providing smoother, younger looking, hair free skin.
Its unique design, longer wavelength and innovative cooling design, allow extremely effective, safe and permanent results. The cooled hand piece increases comfort and minimizes adverse skin reaction commonly seen with other treatments. We do not dabble in permanent makeup or just offer it as one of several adjunct services or as part of a "spa package".
In the mid 90's, CO2 laser resurfacing became the most common method to treat deep scarring. In certain types of acne scars, some clients report a significant improvement after using this method. This non-surgical treatment is painless, convenient, suitable for all skin types and immediately effective. Microdermabrasion is equally an ideal treatment to help you look fantastic for a special occasion or, more seriously, to treat unsightly skin blemishes and acne scarring. It stimulates the skin without the down time of total resurfacing using traditional invasive treatments.
However, results will vary according to the patient's skin condition, goals and course of treatment requested.
Compare this to an esthetician or a nurse with 20+ years of so called "experience" but less procedures altogether than we perform in under one year.Permanent makeup application is our sole business and our true specialty. We customize the anesthetic process for each individual using a variety of topical anesthetics designed specifically for the sensitive facial areas. The laser emits a pulse of light that is preferentially absorbed into certain colours of ink. However, CO2 laser resurfacing still requires prolonged recovery time and often causes new scarring, or the loss of pigmentation. This treatment allows affected skin to be treated without injuring it, while stimulating the creation of new collagen.
Microdermabrasion treatment will deeply exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
The treatment works by fractional radio frequency and dermal needling, heating the deep dermis causing stimulation of the tissue to produce the important deep elements of healthy skin such as collagen and elastin. It is by working with skin every day that we have become experts and have become recognized by others for our leadership in the industry.
The light enters the skin at a speed that is too fast to heat the tissues (billionths of a second), instead, it produces a ‘shock wave’ effect and breaks up the ink particles into smaller pieces, the body then recognises these particles as something that shouldn’t be there and attacks it. Individuals with a scarring history or with weakened immune systems tend to get more pronounced acne scars.
After a series of treatments scheduled six weeks apart, the appearance of existing acne scars gradually improve or may even disappear.
It restores your skin???s natural shine, freshens the skin, reduces the appearance of scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, uneven skin tones and revitalizes dull, life- less, sun-damaged skin complexion and stimulates deep collagen production. Uniquely highly effective doses of radio frequency can be used as the tiny insulated needles heat only the dermis leaving the superficial skin smooth and undamaged, with short acting redness.
What's a girl to do if her jawline is heavy and wide?Do you feel that your jaw is out of balance with the rest of your face? You can't teach experience, it comes only through years of working in an established and active practice. Some of us here at b clinic wish we were born with a naturally softer, more graceful face shape. We proudly showcase the largest portfolio with most number of pictures in Dallas metro area. Some complain that their jaw looks clenched, giving them an angry or upset appearance, even when they're relaxed.If you're guilty of chewing gum all day, or if stress makes you clench your teeth, the jaw muscles can become bulkier.
Similarly, the feedback of our clients in the form of reviews across different platforms speaks for itself. Light is measured in nanometres and there are two wavelengths of light that are emitted from this laser -one is invisible infrared light(1064nm) and the other is visible green light(532nm).
We also thought it would be relevant to our readers to take a look at what influential news outlets were saying about ink fading cream. The infrared wavelength is preferably absorbed into black and dark blue inks, whereas the green light is absorbed by red ink. You might even clench your teeth while you sleep, having no idea that while you're resting you're actually making your jaw more intrusive. It is possible to treat some other colours although white,yellow and bright colours are difficult.
Do They Work?Doing a simple search we found that these skin treatment creams are available online.

These are tattoo removal systems that range in price from $55 to $119 for a one month supply.
If you wish to cover- up an existing tattoo then the darker colours will be faded or removed, allowing you greater choice of size and colour of the cover-up design you choose. Why is it difficult to treat colours other than main colours such as dark blue, red, and black?
These creams are marketed and sold with descriptions like ‘tattoo removal system’, and ‘tattoo removal kits’. They assume that nothing can be done to change their face shape – but they're wrong!You probably know about muscle relaxant injections, but don't realise they can do more than flatten the wrinkles on your forehead. The light will only see the colour ink it is attracted to as different wavelengths absorb into different things. It is not possible to produce a laser that can see all colours as some wavelengths are too shallow when absorbed to affect the ink, others can absorb into other matter and damage the skin in the process. According to a dermatology website, these creams do not penetrate the dermis, which is the second layer of skin.
When injected into the jawline, muscle relaxants cause subtle weakening, making the jaw relax slightly. Some pigments may have a higher concentration of some of these than others, and these heavy metals can react with the laser light and carbonise in the skin, turning the ink black.
It is very difficult to remove the ink when this has happened so, if you have other colours you would like treating, the laser operator will perform a test patch for you to see if it is possible before proceeding. This can cause a small change in pigmentation, they same way a chemical peel or skin bleaching system can.
This is a quick and simple treatment that will leave you smiling.A little change can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.
Everyone will notice that your face looks slimmer, but no one will guess that you've had something done. When you come for your consultation, we will measure your tattoo, carry out a skin assessment, and let you know how much each treatment will cost before we proceed. They study claims to have conducted two main randomized, double blind, controlled study with 282 participants and two open-label studies  with 310 participants. The type of laser used leaves virtually no scars, however, in rare cases, those with scarring disorders, such as keloids, have an increased risk of forming a scar.
It talks about how the, trichloroacetic acid used in these creams is a chemical cauterant which at the concentrations included in these products can severely burn the skin causing a painful would which is prone to infection and ultimately just damages the skin without actually removing the tattoo. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this procedure, it is impossible to predict exactly how many treatments it will take for complete results. It could take as little as 1-3 treatments for an amateur tattoo or as many as 8-10 treatments for a professionally applied tattoo. How quickly your ink fades will depend on several factors, such as the colours of your tattoo, the type of ink used and how your body responds to the treatment. These products are associated with unexpected and painful reactions such as burning scars and rashes.
That is not a positive review from the governing authority that regulates food and drug production and supply.Mayo Clinic’s FindingsThe Mayo Clinic tells a similar story.
This is a slow process, therefore you will typically schedule each treatment a minimum of 4-6 weeks apart. At times and with certain inks, there may be mild blistering that usually heals in about a week.
This and other posts talk about the benefits including saving money, not painful like lasers, simple 3 step process.It is hard to take these opinions seriously in the face of more reputable new stories on the subject.
After each treatment you will be given detailed instructions on how to care for your treated area and aftercare cream is available .
These include reporting by CNN, CBS News, and UT San Diego.So we have come to a pretty clear opinion about these creams.
Patients have reported that laser tattoo removal feels like a rubber band snapping quickly on your skin. In order to make each patient as comfortable as possible, we offer anesthetic (numbing) cream that can be put on the tattoo before each of your treatments. The laser’s faster pulse rate removes the tattoo faster than the 10 sessions earlier methods would take.
The laser tattoo removal will be performed by Steven who is fully trained to do this type of procedure.

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