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In both laser hair and laser tattoo removal, laser light, delivered through the epidermis, interacts with a target pigmented structure within the skin.
During tattoo removal, the laser energy essentially explodes the target tattoo ink into smaller particles that can be taken up and eliminated by macrophages (our living scavenger cells). Laser hair removal can be permanent if the hair’s follicle can be destroyed when the laser light interacts with the pigments contained in a hair within its follicle. For both of these procedures, intense pulsed light (IPL) is sometimes used, in combination with laser light, for optimal results.
All hair and tattoo removal treatments at Laser Light Treatment Center are performed by registered nurses with extensive training and experience. Laser tattoo removal is great for those unfortunate times you break up with "the one" (whose name you tattooed on your arm), realize butterflies don't belong on your lower back, or Mitt Romney loses a presidential election. What happens when a beauty treatment designed to make you look gorgeous does the exact opposite – and turns into a nightmare? A simple $10 procedure turned into a more than $120 expense to treat this eyebrow wax gone wrong. If you think the warning about doing a skin test on your hair is just a silly precaution, think again.
After undergoing several plastic surgery procedures, Pete Burns of “Dead or Alive” fame decided to have his lip implants removed.
Sure, a facelift can drastically transform your appearance, but it’s likely this isn’t what you’re going for. If we could offer one piece of advice, it’s to talk with others before deciding which salon to use for your laser hair removal treatment. If you’ve heard horror stories about people being burned by photo facial treatments, or those who suffered hyper pigmentation afterward, perhaps you should take heed.

Even though spray tans won’t harm your skin as much as actual sunlight, you should still be cautious. We all want to be a bit more beautiful and whether you are into the latest news in cosmetology or how-to's on beauty, hair, or massage trends, "One Beautiful" Blog can nail it for you.
Around the globe and across the runways, trends are always changing, making it sometimes hard to keep up.
Laser Light Treatment Center has two brand new, state-of-the-art, laser machines, one for removing hair and one for erasing unwanted tattoos. At one time or another, it’s likely you’ve heard the horror stories or at least talked to someone who’s had a beauty treatment go wrong. After permanent lip liner was tattooed on her lips, she soon found out that the staff member was a bit confused on where lip liner should actually be placed. This unlucky lady made the mistake of doing a 24-hour test instead of the recommended 48 hours. But instead of completely removing it, his skin was injected with a filler that caused swelling, blisters, discharge and lumps. This beauty treatment gone wrong cost nearly $8,000 and was intended to smooth out wrinkles, erase lines around the mouth, and remove fatty tissue in the neck.
This was a botched job on legs, but imagine how painful it could be on your face or even bikini line?!
All aesthetic treatments should be done by an accredited doctor, or it could result in burns like these. These machines compliment the other laser and light machines that have been in service for years in our office. Take a look at some unfortunate beauty and makeup mishaps– it may just make you think twice (or do some pretty good research) before scheduling your next service.

Now, the patient is considering what seems like one of the only options for this extreme mishap – laser tattoo removal. Instead, the patient wasn’t able to move her top lip, and couldn’t talk, eat, or drink for weeks following the procedure. Be especially wary of salons that offer a discount on hair removal – lower prices can be a sign of untrained technicians or ineffective treatment. Joceyln Wildenstein, wife of billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein, has reportedly spent more than $4 million on plastic surgery. The salon tried to heal it with soothing cream, and in the end, reimbursed the customer for their treatment and the medical costs associated with it – including a cream and antibiotics.
Her neck was also immovable for several months because the skin around it was pulled so tight.
She’s undergone silicone injections to her lips, cheeks, and chin, eye reconstruction, a brow lift, Botox, and lip implants.
Her head, neck, and face began to swell, and she eventually needed to be put on an IV and given antihistamines to ease the pain and swelling. The patient described the pain as someone pressing hot curling irons onto her back, but the spa led her to believe the pain was normal.

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