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Shoulder tattoos for girls look terribly trendy as they enhance the general look of the individual. Here, we’ve elect Associate in and an exciting array of art gallery with engaging and beautiful shoulder tattoos. TweetForearm tattoos are usually considered “manly” and only suitable for men but recently more and more women have become interested in getting them as well. These tattoos can be used to make a sleeve – a tattoo that covers the entire arm or just have a simple design such as a name or single piece of art that speaks to the wearer.
A blue swirled star accompanied by plain stars and bold black swirls make a unique forearm tattoo. Using the same color scheme with different symbols that are personal to the wearer make for a truly unique forearm tattoo. Forearm tattoos don’t always have to be bold and take up the whole arm, a small meaningful tattoo is sometimes desired.
A colorful tattoo with a scepter and tiara  dedicated to Sailor Moon, a Japanese anime character. A word that has special meaning can be paired with a simple rose to make an elegant forearm tattoo. A significant quote or lyric can be placed on the forearm to remind the person to remain strong. This colorful scene depicts the person’s home town with a heart and hands at the bottom. A serene looking colorful owl with a heart and a significant year on a banner tattooed the inner forearm. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Leopard Tattoos, Fox Tattoos, Bumble Bee Tattoos and Biker Tattoos. Solid shades of black are styled with neat graphic design style lines in this powerful elephant tattoo design. Styled in many intricate patterns this detailed tattoo on the forearm brings out the beauty of an elephant. A beautiful little purple elephant plays happily with red and blue balloons and stars in this cute elephant tattoo design. One big elephant is followed by two smaller ones in this elephants tattoo design shaded in brown with black outlines. Done in a single color this grand tattoo shows an elephant with a graceful curvy pattern of vines completing the design. Powerful folds of the elephant skin are reflected in this richly detailed yellow elephant tattoo. It’s bubble bath time for this soft-bodied baby elephant shaded in gray and pink in the tattoo design.

Soft rounded lines are the key point of this simple and cute elephant wrist tattoo inked in black outlines.
Look at this elephant holding up a huge blue and white balloon as it soars upwards in this quirky tattoo.
Done in realistic shades of brown with fine black outlines this powerful elephant head looks like it’ll pop out of the tattoo at any moment. Two dark blue elephants styled in realistic shades stand touching each other in this cute and offbeat couple tattoo. Soft shades of gray cover this realistic elephant head tattoo design, making it look like it’s been sketched in with a soft pencil.
This is a beautifully shaded upper back tattoo showing a small elephant decked up with a traditional Indian cloth covering. Realistically shaded with powerful ink strokes this elephant head against the map of the continent breathes the spirit of Africa. Delicate savannah lands surround the shaded elephant in this African elephant theme tattoo design. Done in a rough ink sketch style in black this elephant tattoo gets a touch of color from the reds and blues on either side. Look at the baby elephant with an oversized round head sitting and making music on the red piano in this cute tattoo design. Ornamental patterns in fine black ink make up this stylish elephant theme tattoo on the back of the neck. Triangular shapes in a 3D style make up this geometric red and black elephant theme tattoo with other symbols adding rich meaning.
This gorgeous shaded elephant tattoo near a design of a tree sits on the inner arm of the man.
It’s show time, says this elephant tattoo on the leg, with its colorful flowers and ornamental patterns. Styled in sensitive ink strokes of brown in many shades this elephant design comes alive on the upper shoulder. Check out the cute little elephant riding a uni-cycle like in a circus in this positive inspiration tattoo design. This awesome little tattoo showing a baby elephant with huge ears sits pretty on the side of the body. Ornaments in pretty shades of red, blue, green, and gold add color to the gray shaded Indian elephant theme tattoo design. With its trunk upraised this small gray elephant tattoo sits a little above the woman’s waistline.
An elephant and a green turtle wear their red hearts openly in this quirky and colorful tattoo for a couple in love.

Baby elephant follows Mama elephant in this beautiful elephant theme tattoo design that seems just right for the back of a new mother.
Patterns of flowers with ocean blue shades in some bits make up this imaginative elephant theme tattoo. Nice collection, but in the introduction, the Disney movie featuring the flying elephant is Dumbo, not Bambi. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
While a lot of people opt out of getting a forearm tattoo for fear of not being able to find work, others embrace it. Because they are not easily concealed or removed, it is important that the tattoo artist you choose produces quality work. Perhaps it is the appeal of their graceful long trunks, curved slender teeth jutting out, or huge flapping ears, that makes them perfect tattoo material. You find elephants in many tales ranging from Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book to the more recent Bambi, the cute flying elephant of Disney adventures.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. There are shoulder tattoos for girls that employment all right on one shoulder or may be extended to fulfill each shoulders in an detailed manner. The people who choose to get forearm tattoos usually get bold and decorative designs that they are proud to show off.
Thus, tattoo art becomes increasingly popular and you can find a tattooed person in almost all corners of the world.
Elephant Tattoo designs range from complex patterns of curves and lines representing the animal shape, to many-colored cartoon pictures showing plump baby elephants, to designs with wild elephant faces, to themes that show a small herd of elephants, with the leader in front and the smaller ones of the herd following behind. Any acceptable style may be created into one that flaunts the shoulder terribly beautifully.
The shoulder tattoos additionally perform as support tattoos to spotlight and complete the most tattoos, which could be inked on the other a part of the body.
You can also find tattoo themes that show elephants doing many fun activities, like playing with soapy bubbles, or singing a cute tune at a piano. Many cultures have stories woven around these amazing animals that are the world’s largest land mammals and one of the heaviest species around. Many elephant tattoos also show the large animal with its back dressed up in colorful cloth coverings looking like creatures from exotic fairytale.

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