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Picture this, it's festival season, you're midi ring-ed up to the max, your locks are looking tastefully unwashed and you're wearing an acceptable amount of flowers but the rest of you is looking a little b-o-r-i-n-g.
If that little lot doesn't make you want to apply shimmering temporary tats to your summer skin we don't know what will!

Spiacenti, la vostra ricerca ' Glitter braccialetto tatuaggi ' non corrisponde ad alcun prodotto.
Don't go flogging your ticket just yet, we've just got what you need.From beautiful bow and arrow designs to layered bracelets and boho feathers, if these temporary tats don't get you excited for dancing on a stranger's shoulders then we don't know what will.Check out 30 of the coolest DIY temporary tattoo ideas! If it continues, we understand that you accept our privacy policy and Cookies and the terms of use of our Web site.

Easy way to fundraise - beats cooking sausages.Read More ->Thanks Temporary Tattoos Australia!My school recently held a mini fair and a group of friends and I sold temporary tattoos.

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