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1) In your 2nd season (minimum) of your MyCAREER, go to the calendar and look ahead to find a stretch of days with consecutive off-days.
2) Sim ahead to these points in the calendar, but play the game before the off-days or it won’t let you access the off-days. NBA 2k15 Wishlist threadThis is a discussion on NBA 2k15 Wishlist thread within the NBA 2K Last Gen forums.
Anthony Bennett , Gerald Green , Will Barton and DJ Augustine need to be given their tattoos . I'm going to copy and paste what I have said in other threads about Association so this post can be easily seen by the devs for the next 12 months. The default generated draft classes are just as bad, if not worse, then the real players ratings. The salary cap randomly goes up by 2 million every year so in 10 seasons it will be set at 78 million (Its 58 million in real life). Players are never rested, matchups never change, and coaches never experiment with different lineups.
In the playoffs and at the end of close games the crowd is never animated as they should be. I'm sure there are things that I have left out, and trust me there are many more smaller issues.

I'm sure I speak for many here when I say that Association finally needs to have some attention after five years of nothing.
After a couple seasons every team has numerous 90+ and 80+ rated players which means great players don't stand out, great teams don't stand out and most teams are around .500. You will have Cp3 choosing to sign with teams like the cavs and twolves even though he would never do so in real life, not to mention they already have quality point guards! For example the Lakers have all their draft picks for the next 5 years even though in real life we have traded half of them away. Every single single generic coach that replaces them are given A ratings in offense and defense.
In real life game to game players recieve different amounts of playing time depending on if they are playing well.
I know this seems like a very long list, and some of these might not seem that significant, but they really get in the way of a solid association mode. We already know what's missing and maybe they won't make one but if they do just add some little things and it will make this game almost perfect .
And I don't have much faith Next Gen 2k14 paid attention to any of these issues, so this needs to be said. In the Playoffs each series coaches should be using specific lineups depending on what type of team they are playing.

What SHOULD happen is: Rebuilding teams should trade veterans for young assets and picks. We would just be happy with this, let alone all the new features which could be added (Improved draft scouting, get rid of the overall rating system, expansion, summer league, dynamic player progression system allowing for busts such as what PES has, ability to be an owner and dictate the financial aspect of the team, intricate player moral system, the ability to watch a game in progress (just watch it in hoopcast, which 2k already has) and intervene in the 3rd or 4th quarter liked Live used to have, etc). And this also means no one can start a realistic association until a quality roster team has spent several months adjusting every single player rating and potential. Players are handed out contracts depending on their overall and potential rating, instead of how they played during the preceeding season. Or there could even be teams that perennially contend for 6-10 seeds because that's what their owners tell them to do. They never get frustrated at their team not winning or not being number one option etc.

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