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For those interested in compositions that will stand the test of time and not one day become a source of embarrassment or regret, it is a good idea to stay away from faddish designs. Four leaf clover and shamrock designs are very popular among individuals of Celtic and Irish descent.
A classic design would be that of the Sun which displays warmth and energy, brightness and optimism.
In deciding which feeling you want to convey and the meaning behind your particular choice of design, take time to pick wisely.

Lots of tattoo designs today can be huge and cover large parts of your body, but a small tattoo design is going to sit totally cool and tiny but speak a whole lot about you. It is a composition of your inner beauty atop your physical appearance for a character enriching look. They represent potent providence, and the four elements that make up each plant: Hope, faith, love, and luck. Since the Sun is the source of all Earthly and Human growth this is an immensely powerful image and can give rise also to affinity with the seasons of Spring and Summer.

The step you are taking is not only a bold one but it can define in an instant who you are! From the beginning of time people have been using body art as a form of representation of who they really are.

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