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The laser effectively targets the ink of the tattoo that is located just under the surface of your skin breaking down the ink particles into smaller fragments.
The number of treatments required depend on many factors including depth of ink, type of ink and amount of ink in the tattoo.
The PicoSure Laser easily removes all colors of ink including blues, and green inks, which are considered the toughest colors to remove.
Interestingly, the technology of the PicoSure Laser allows it to be used for effective clearing of age spots, brown spots, birthmarks, and Nevus of Ota. The PicoSure is the fastest laser in the world for tattoo removal, clearing tattoo ink in about half the time of alternate lasers used in the market today.
However, because PicoSure Laser tattoo removal is much faster than other removal options, fewer sessions are required.

Should you have a tattoo with red ink, we often combine PicoSure with the Revlite laser for a more effective removal of that color at no additional cost to the patient. The technology can also be used to reduce the appearance of ink so that a new tattoo can be used to modify or cover the existing one, sometime in as a few as one to two treatments. If you are interested in tattoo removal, contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Please add me to Phoenix Skin Spa's email membership so I can receive information about special promotions and discounts. This means that the PicoSure Laser requires fewer sessions, which in turn means less pain and a lower cost for you! The body’s elimination process will usually take between three to four weeks to remove the maximum amount of ink and pigments.

Patients may experience some blistering, bruising, redness, or crusting after the treatment; however, this will subside within about a week. In the past few years tattoo removal has recently become just as common as putting them on.
The reasoning for the removal of a tattoo is just as personal and varied as the reasons people get them in the first place. When I committed to actively remove my tattoos I deeply researched my options until I thoroughly understood every laser on the market before making a decision.

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