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Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center in Dearborn, MI is not nationally ranked in any specialty. Dermatologists diagnose and treat diseases of the skin and perform cosmetic procedures, including hair removal, laser therapy, cosmetic filler injections, cryosurgery, tattoo removal, and phototherapy. We have no data from commercial Medicare insurance products (Medicare Advantage) or from any private insurance plans. Data from group practices in which procedures performed by any physician are always billed to one designated physician may overstate or understate an individual provider’s volume of a particular procedure. Data only include physicians who performed more than 10 of a given procedure in a reporting year.
Thomas Waldinger is a dermatologist in Dearborn, Michigan and is affiliated with Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center. News used 2012 and 2013 Medicare data to create a comprehensive list of medical procedures and identify high-volume physicians for individual procedures.

Physicians who serve a younger population will be underrepresented and procedures such as labor and delivery will not appear at all. For procedures that are grouped into a single unit, this may make some providers appear to have lower volumes than they otherwise would. He received his medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Physicians are considered high volume in a procedure if the number they performed was above the average at the state or national level and the information passed a statistical confidence test. In some cases we treated similar procedures as a unit (for example, by combining the codes for draining a single skin abscess and multiple skin abscesses under “Skin abscess (boil) drainage”). He is one of 21 doctors at Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center who specialize in Dermatology. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Erogul has a keen aesthetic sense, which enables him to determine the best procedure for his patients which will lead to optimal results. While well experienced in all phases of cosmetic surgery, he particularly enjoys working with patients who have previously undergone cosmetic surgeries elsewhere to further improve their appearance or to correct residual deformity. Strax Rejuvenation provides the operating facilities and exam rooms for both surgical and non-surgical interactions between the patient and surgeon.
Strax Rejuvenation also facilitates financing options for patients when so desired by that particular qualified patient. Strax Rejuvenation serves patients nationwide but is conveniently located from all cities in the South Florida region.

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