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Sergio Ramos has a total of 11 tattoos on his body including his arms, back, right wrist and even left middle finger! Jakub Blaszczykowski ends his eight-year-long career at Borussia Dortmund and moves to Bundesliga club Wolfsburg.
As Pep looks to turn the City into a dominant European force, he will come across a familiar foe in Jurgen Klopp. The third party source tweeted a tweet from Gundogan's handle which was supposed to be tweeted from Ozil's. Jurgen Klopp feels Liverpool have succeeded in building a strong base for the season with multiple, intensive training sessions.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic posts video of him juggling the ball on a beach but where have all his tattoos gone? The Danish defender has even got the initials YNWA tattooed on his knuckles as a show of respect for his former club, Liverpool. Depending on your bed size, bedding set with zebra print bedroom theme is available in several size options ( single, double, king, queen and twin ). If you want totally bring zebra look, choose large bedding to cover all bed surface and feel sensation sleeping with zebra. Best suggestion, you are better only select one animal theme in your bedroom, because you don’t want your bedroom will look like jungle, do you?

To share the stories of their life with their fans, to show their love towards something, footballers prefer to cover their body with ink instead of writing a book about it. If cheetah print bedroom tend to active and stimulate spirit, so zebra print bedroom decor tend to calm and relax.

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