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The Chinese zodiac has a completely different set of characters, each one corresponding to a particular birth year.
If a fanciful zodiac creature doesn't suit your style, you may want to consider using a glyph design to represent your sign. Chinese zodiac characters are a great alternative to using the actual zodiac animals in your tattoo design. These Western glyphs include a touch of the Celtic knot design that has been popular for so many years. Simple glyphs can be great tattoos, especially when they are stylized or embellished like this extraordinary Libra symbol. Layering decorative elements with zodiac symbols offers opportunities for personal and unusual astrological tattoos.

These designs offer an idea of how to combine your Chinese animal and character into a single design. Again, you can choose to have just your animal inked, or you can use this entire design, complete with the center yin yang symbol, in one fabulous tattoo. Each piece of art is illustrated in the traditional Chinese cut paper technique and provides spectacular detail that your artist can use in full or simplify as needed for the size of your tattoo.
Tattoo Fonts are also known as tattoo lettering or tattoo script, and they are the writing style used in text tattoo design. These fonts have covered a range of styles: cursive font (also known as script font), typewriter font, old english font, chinese font and japanese font. You'll find representations for both the Western and Chinese zodiac characters in various tattoo styles.

You can wear this Tiger as your personal zodiac sign or simply because you admire the characteristics he represents.
Whether placed by themselves, alongside a variety of symbols, or transformed into some clever shapes (heart, star, infinity, round and more), all these word tattoos are very beautiful. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share with your friends on facebook, pinterest or whatever social networks.

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