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Tattoo artists often get requests of inking a tribal design and most of them would agree that creating perfect tribal tattoo design is one of the most difficult tasks. Eagle is an element that is included in tattoo designs to signify the attributes of strength and courage. In a tribal tattoo you may either have an entire tattoo of a bear claw or it may be a part of an intricate tattoo. The symbol of shark is typically a popular Polynesian tribal element that is often seen included in tribal tattoos. Phoenix is probably the most intriguing mythical creature that is often seen in tribal tattoos.
Many such symbols are used as tribal tattoos designs, which are not only used for their visual appeal but for the deeper meanings that each of them carry. Aztec tattoos have since time immemorial inspired tattoo artists to design enigmatic Aztec tattoo designs on men who belong to the rich and vibrant Mexican race or others like Meso American people. If one were to dig deep into Mexican civilization, he would have to search the vast treasure trove that Aztecs preserved for their successors, and Aztec tattoos form an integral part of that treasure trove. As we know that Aztecs were a warrior race that believed in the power of a warrior’s strength and hence most of these Aztec tattoo designs are carved around the central theme of a warrior, whether a male or a female.
While the world is going bonkers over modern tattoo designs, it is the enigmatic Aztec tattoo as I would like to call it that catches the attention of people that cherish and respect art and artistic pursuits like getting an Aztec tattoo. The sun Aztec tattoos as seen below look amazing and are perhaps the most demanded as these look very artistic and have a peculiar attractiveness that appeals senses. Among all the types of Aztec tattoos, the tribal Aztec tattoo designs are carved using just the color black.

The tribal tattoos designs not only signify the age old traditional beliefs but also carry deeper meanings. Here are some of the tattoo symbols that carry deeper meanings and are often seen in tribal tattoos.
Many choose to include an eagle in their tribal tattoo design after having successfully lived off a particular difficult time in their lives. In the ancient times having a shark or shark’s teeth tattooed on their bodies gave the wearer a sense of protection from the evil spirits. This mythical creature, as professed, has built its own funeral pyre, only to rise again from its own ashes. Such is the charm of Aztec tattoos that even non Mexican men and women crave for getting the famous Aztec tattoo designs inked on various parts of their bodies. Some of the most commonly seen Aztec tattoo designs are those that involve the use of animals like snakes, dogs and jaguars.
If you look below, you would find many eagle Aztec tattoo designs that symbolized a powerful position enjoyed by a warrior. There are also motifs of a god with its tongue out and this resembles a sun Aztec tattoo but it is not so. If you need it to be seen, you can get it inked on your biceps like most men do, or the back of your body too can look masculine with a cool Aztec tattoo. Those who have these tattoos generally have them because of the meaning these tribal symbols carry. A bear claw tribal tattoo signifies the wearer’s deeper connection with his surrounding environment and the natural world.

Hence, phoenix is a symbol that men and women get tattooed to signify rebirth and rejuvenation. An Aztec tattoo will never be carved without symbolizing something that makes these tattoo designs have a distinct style.
Each Aztec tattoo as designed today by various tattoo artists looks distinct and still retains its originality.
People with such eagle tattoos would generally flaunt an elaborate costume of a warrior who is shown wearing an eagle shaped headdress. These tattoos are not necessarily done by those who have a tribal ancestry but are quite commonly inked by those with no tribal ancestry as well. The Aztecs believed that such animals were their spiritual guides and symbolized power and other qualities.
Some men and women, however, only get these tattoos done because of the visual appeal they give away instead of their meanings.
Apart from these, there are flower Aztec tattoos and serpent tattoos that are considered quiet popular among men. In more elaborate forms, an Aztec tattoo would be inked together with many other intricately designed motifs like calendars and animals. Let us go through some of them and look through the tribal tattoos meaning and their significance.

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