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To understand Hawaiian tattoos better, perhaps it’s important to trace the origins of the term “tattoo” first. Traditionally, Hawaiian tattoos were imprinted on the skin with the use of nature’s goods including bird beaks, claws, and fish bones. The four right angles meeting in the middle have always had a special meaning for mankind, even before the advent of the Christian revelation.
Body art has been practiced in the islands for over a thousand years, and it remains as a solid expression of rich traditions and history today.
Unlike the Maori or Samoan designs, Hawaiian tattoos are done in bolder and larger details.

To some ancient peoples, the cross design represented the four elements of the universe coming together to create the realm we all dwell in. These tattoos, apart from the sheer beauty they exude, are outstanding methods of self expression, serve as significant parts of celebration, and stand as fitting symbols of being one with the tribe. Through the years, this evolved into images of animals bearing the slight undertones of European culture. Those bearing many tattoos done in the most intricate designs are considered to hold the top ranks in the community’s hierarchy. Either way, the more intricate tattoos done by the community’s greatest artists were limited to those of royal lineage.

If you’re on a quest for your next tattoo fix, you can’t go wrong with considering Hawaiian tattoos. If you feel the need to express your belief in something greater than man, or need to make a statement of religious intent, these excellent new cross tattoo designs might just be the solution you’re looking for.

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