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When choosing a hand tattoos for men you want one that you will love, and that reflects your personality. Tattoos have long been a symbol of status in many cultures, and they can say a lot about the person that wears them.
The energetic, curving lines of these tattoos say a lot about the owner’s sense of adventure. This tattoo of a pendant made out of a tiger’s claw is like a permanent trophy over a long defeated enemy.
Some hand tattoos can be used to alter other parts of your body in appearance, like this one. A strange design can be an eyecatcher, like this fusion between the beautiful and the alien. Thick, bold lines can also show the world how much you stand out, and that your motives are clear.
Tattoos on the hands make a bold statement, as they will nearly always be visible to friends, family, and whoever else you come into contact with on a daily basis.
In most ancient cultures they were used to show that the person had come of age, or that they had completed some great achievement or battle. Some tattoo artists have vast portfolios of their work, and some specialize in designs like these.

Well, getting a tattoo or a piercing done involves a lot of pain, which can be reduced to some extent by taking some well-informed decision. While many cultures in the past seem to have reserved hand tattooing and marking for women, we have gathered together some examples of hand tattoos for men to give you inspiration.
Sometimes they also displayed the skills that a person was good at, or what talents they had as a way to attract other people as potential marriage partners, or simply people of similar talents as friends. Speak with some of them for ideas as well, they can have excellent suggestions and examples to show you.
In this post, we have compiled a chart of the least painful places, which can be just perfect for showing off your amazing body arts. They also pose to be one of the most creative anatomical places to have a tattoo, as you can change the way they look with manipulation of the hands and fingers with certain designs. You can even ask them for thoughts and opinions based on your own designs, if you would rather create your own tattoo.
Another option is that they may be willing to create a whole new design for you as well, which can be an exciting process since you’ll be having something fresh and unique.
On the EarsWhen it comes to finding the least painful places for getting a tattoo done, the ear always tops the chart. Being made of cartilage, it does not develop much pain during inking and look extremely feminine at the same time.2.

At the Back of the EarsThe backside of our ear is also a good place to get a tattoo without bearing much pain. The process is completely similar to which you need to undergo during getting your ear inked. However, you will have to withstand a little pain while inking your upper arm in comparison with an ear tattoo.4. Upper ShouldersIf you are looking for one of the most feminine body parts where you can show off your favorite tattoo without tolerating too much pain, choose the upper part of any of your shoulders.
On the WaistlineLast but not the least is the waistline, which is considered as the sexiest place to sport a tattoo with minimal ache. EarlobesThis is known to be the most common as well as most popular place for getting a piercing.
NostrilYou can also opt for piercing your nostrils as it does not lead to extreme sensation of pain.

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