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Here, we have featured 25 Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs for girls which can be a good choice for any fashion lover.
Half a butterfly or a side view of a butterfly looks as elegant as a butterfly depicted with both wings.
To those whom music means life and those who are bewildered by the elegance of butterfly designs, Butterfly with treble clef lace designs are perfect. As one of the most beautiful part of woman’s body neck is perfect for tiny and cute tattoo.
There are two things you can do; you can either choose small tattoo or you can wear a whole art that covers neck and reaches to shoulder or collarbone. The simple cancer ribbon tattoos can develop into more complicated designs such as linked ribbons and even flower design. This collection will definitely motivate to select atleast one design to present yourself in a more beautiful and graceful manner. In this design the wings are designed to make them look like they’re flames instead of only using warm colors in the tattoo. This is an absolutely edgy lower back tattoo that uses minimal coloring and has detailed designing for all those who love sporting cool tattoo designs. Since butterflies belong with flowers, getting a butterfly tattooed with a couple of flowers looks very natural, beautiful and colorful. While angel wings are cliche, butterfly wings are new and look out of the world when inked on the back.

This tattoo signifies the combination of the wonderful human imagination and the marvelous works of nature in a nutshell. A combination of the butterfly which symbolizes elegance and lilies is a very graceful design. Let’s begin with small tattoo ideas on neck and may be you will be ready to choose something more dramatic and eye catching. You can get anything that will accentuate your personality and make you feel self-confident. Most people wear the tattoo to show their awareness of cancer and give supports to the sufferers. You could choose vibrant colors or go sober in your color choice and yet make a statement with this tattoo. Not only does this tattoo depict the soft and calm side of you, it also looks rather elegant. Have your tattoo artist do a sketch before the actual work, and choose vibrant colors for the butterflies to make the tattoo look all the more elegant and dainty. Angels with butterfly wings and a wand in her hand, will make a perfect tattoo for girls who like something simple, cute and meaningful. First of all neck tattoo is less visible and dramatic unlike tattoos on other parts of body especially. We can find many people show this tattoo on the fourth of February as this date is the world cancer day.

Butterfly tattoo designs are too feminine to wear so most of the girls are very much fascinated by this design. The best thing about small tattoo is that it can be easily removed or, what is better, can be covered with a bigger one (true lovers of body art will never get rid of tattoo). This beautiful creature is a symbol of rebirth and freedom and this is the reason why most of the stylish girls like to get them inked on different parts of the body. Don’t let the ornaments conceal the main ribbon look because the purpose of the tattoo is to represent cancer. We have gathered 25 best butterfly tattoo designs for girls which can be inked on various parts of the body.
A small butterfly design on shoulder region, neck, back or on an ankle part are awesome, very pretty and graceful to look at. As the tattoo has a simple design, it becomes the ideal tattoo for those who like a simple design.

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