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This is just a small sample of the patriotic tattoos we have performed here at Tattoo Works. Take a look at some  of the worst NBA tattoos ever: Chris “Birdman” Andersen is known for having brightly colored tattoos on his arms, hands, legs, back, chest and neck.
Although it may seem appropriate due to him being nicknamed “Birdman,” this ink is just too much. Credit: PinterestMonta Ellis has his family tree covering his chest, entire back and both arms.

For Ellis, his tattoos tell the tale of his family but his maternal grandparents, who raised him, were not happy about it. His choice for the Lincoln tattoo may confuse people but he explains: “I was going to get Martin Luther King and I told Gilbert Arenas. According to Mike Scott, these emojis can be tattooed on our bodies to express words we can’t say about how we feel. However, we can also ink our bellybuttons, as what Reggie Miller has shown us with his sun tattoo.

When asked about his decision, Beasley simply explained he got it because he is super cool.

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