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Whether you are seeking traditional acne treatments or if you would prefer to go beyond standard options to reduce your acne, Metro Dermatology specializes in acne treatment without the use of systemic medications.
Metro Dermatology has four locations to serve you in Bronx, Elmhurst, Englewood and Flushing in New York City.
Our medical team has several years of experience of treating acne using non-traditional alternatives such as laser therapy and chemical peels. Photodynamic therapy destroys abnormal tissues without injuring healthy ones and is one of the safest and least invasive acne treatments.
Often used in conjunction with photodynamic therapy, the Pulsed Dye Laser is popular with patients due to its soothing sensation akin to warm water droplets on the skin. Studies have shown that specific wavelengths of blue light target the strain of bacteria that play a major role in causing acne. During manual acne extraction, our medical team pulls the skin taut and uses special surgical tools to remove the solid and liquid irritants inside the pimples. During your consultation with our medical team, factors such as your skin type and condition will be evaluated to determine which acne treatment would be best suited to you.
Serving the Elmhurst, Flushing, Bronx, Jackson Heights, Corona, NY, and Forest Hill, Woodside Township, and Englewood, NJ areas!
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A Bronx woman who spent more than two years in solitary confinement at Rikers Island before she was cleared of the attempted murder of an infant plans to slap city with a $10 million lawsuit.

In a notice of claim recently lodged against the city, Candie Hailey, 32, said she was subjected to sexual and physical abuse by guards during her 29 months behind bars while awaiting trial on charges of stabbing a 3-month-old baby in 2012 a€” a crime she was acquitted of last May. In one February 2015 incident, a Rikers captain allegedly punched Hailey in the head and put his finger in her anus, according to the notice of claim, which is filed before a lawsuit can be initiated. Hailey, who has numerous scars on her forearms from what she said were attempts to end her life, said she would use anything at her disposal a€” including pieces of plastic cups and broken light bulbs. Tattoos of her children's birth dates on the arms of Candie Hailey, along with the scars on her wrists when she cut herself in Rikers. She also once swallowed a bottle of Nair, a hair removal chemical sold at the commissary, she said. Hailey spent about 27 cumulative months in solitary for a variety of infractions that included attacking a correction officer and breaking a security device.
She was originally housed with a€?Soccer Mom Madama€? Anna Gristina, who told The News that Hailey was a€?absolutely unstablea€? and needed to be separated from other inmates by Rikers staff. Haileya€™s notice of claim also names the Bronx district attorneya€™s office and individual correction officers.
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These methods are safe, results-oriented and will not cause further irritation to your skin. First, a liquid, cream or medication is either applied topically or administered intravenously. Released in pulses, the laser technology stimulates new collagen growth in the skin, promoting continued improvement over time.

When exposed directly to the skin, blue light therapy creates oxygen radicals that kill this bacteria, eliminating acne at the source.
When used in conjunction with laser therapy, the acne is methodically cleared without spreading the infection to healthy areas. During this treatment, a diluted chemical solution is directly applied to the face and left to dry. A superficial peel is more gentle and is meant for mild cases of acne, whereas a medium depth peel penetrates deeper into the skin to maximize results for those with more severe acne. Contact Metro Dermatology today to schedule a consultation and eliminate your acne for good. Hailey is suing over alleged abuse she claims she suffered while in solitary confinement at Rikers Island. The medication is left to sit and absorb into the skin for a set amount of time, and a special light source is held in front of the patient’s face. The solution is then neutralized and washed off, cleansing the skin and revealing a fresh new surface.

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