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Some people simply outgrow their tattoos and instead of getting a coverup, opt to get it removed completely.
Recently, in Sungai Petani a young man went into a coma after undergoing a tattoo removal procedure at a clinic there died two weeks later without ever regaining consciousness in between. According to him, a popular and safe way to remove tattoos is laser tattoo removal using Q-switched laser technology. Knowing the undesired outcomes that may occur, he urges the public to consult trained and experienced medical professionals who use updated and well-maintained equipment for this procedure, and indeed, any other medical procedure. For tattoo removal procedures, the Cynosure MedLite C6 is well-known as the original tattoo removal and pigmented lesion workstation. Other applications include removal of pigmented lesions, sun damage repair, skin resurfacing, and wrinkle and acne scar reduction. So what’s the damage and how much should one expect to dish out for a tattoo removal surgery?

According to Dr Lee, a good example to demonstrate the cost and process of tattoo removal is the removal of the eyebrow tattoo.
Usually, the patient will be given a local anaesthetic cream to numb the area before the laser procedure. To find out more about tattoo removal with the Cynosure MedLite C6 and to get in touch with surgeons performing tattoo removal procedures with it, please visit the Innomed website. Coming from the fast-paced chaotic world of PR, Audra believes that stress can be managed in three stages: Visualisation of the perfect vacation in the long run, a glass of Teh Ais (be it of local, English, Taiwanese or Japanese variety) at the end of a long day, and most importantly in the therapeutic power of cat pictures for immediate stress relief.
Pearl Special Effect Whitening and freckle removal Cream pearl whitening and freckle removal cream. Like every medical procedure, there are potential risks and complications, and the recommended way to reduce the risks of laser tattoo removal, like any other procedure, is to determine the medical experience of the person performing the procedure. This is both in terms of the availability of immediate emergency care in the unlikely event of a complication, and for the reassurance of accountability, as registered hospitals will have proper records of all procedures and medical actions,” Dr Lee remarked.

Built on ConBio’s original Q-switched laser technology, the MedLite C6 is widely considered the gold standard laser for multi-coloured tattoo removal. It costs about RM 400-RM500 to have one treatment, and depending on the original depth of the tattoo process and the ink used, it will take about 3 to 6 sessions to remove it.
The actual procedure will take few minutes, and after the procedure, the patient is usually advised to use a cold compress as a good way to reduce swelling. However, risk factors are on par with elective aesthetic procedures, meaning due care should be taken as a precaution against the unlikely event of the patient having a negative reaction,” said Dr Lee Kim Siea, Resident Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon at the Carl Corrynton Medical Centre in Pulau Pinang.
They can also use an antibiotic cream if there is a break in the skin, otherwise the treated area should heal in a few days.

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