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Those of you who have a tattoo or planning on getting one, you better know that some colours can be easily removed where as some colours take longer to get rid of.
There are other methods of removing tattoo, but they are not as popular as laser treatment. Another method to remove tattoo is dermabrasion but this requires more than one visit to the physician; it can be a painful procedure which might leave a scar. Lastly, the TCA method is proven reliable to remove all blemishes on your skin, including warts, acne scars and age spots.
The symptoms caused by direct contact of poison ivy plant are itching, swelling and redness on the area that is exposed to plants and its roots.
Itching and swelling may continue to be there for 2-3 weeks and can be controlled by medications. Your doctor can easily diagnose poison ivy rash by mere physical examination and by looking for the symptoms of itching, red rashes and swelling. In case of severe itching with red colored lines on the skin, you can wash the skin with mild soapy water and apply calamine lotion on it. If these plants grow in your backyard you need to remove them carefully by wearing heavy clothing and covering your hands with gloves.
Distributor and Body Art expert for SciCan StatIM sterilization and infection control products. She saw her friends getting tattoos and later complaining that there is no way of removing that. Yellow and Green are two of the most difficult colours to remove; whereas Black and Blue can be removed very easily.
It is a favorite with Cosmetic Surgeons as well as exclusive Health Spas where facial peels are used for the removal of fine facial lines and wrinkles.

Urushiol is one such resin found in the leaves and branches of poison ivy and oak trees that cause poison ivy rash. Poison ivy rash is not contagious and it is the oily resin called urushiol that causes rapid spreading on the skin. This oily resin is present in the leaves and stem and even on the roots of the poison oak plant.
You may touch the clothing or shoes or other tools used for cutting the plant through which you can get rashes. It is because their skin is very sensitive for oily resin which when contacted can cause rashes. You need to bathe completely soaking your body for 5-10 minutes in warm soapy water to prevent any rash reaction.
It is hard to blame them as the common belief is that there is no way you can get rid of tattoos.
This method is pricy and if you can afford it, go for it as this is the best way to get rid of tattoos. Those of you who are worried about scars, there is a low risk of scarring compared to any other method, according to specialists.
This type of resin can stick on to the clothing and boots of humans when they are walking through the plants. Red colored straight line is seen on the skin in the place where the plant has brushed your skin. But if a person has direct exposure to urushiol resin of the plant the infectious rash will become severe.
You can rub your fingers to other parts of the body accidentally after touching the sticky substance through which rashes can spread easily.

People who are directly in contact with the plants like foresters, farmers, gardeners and construction workers are prone to develop this rash.
However you need to visit the doctor if you have developed pus filled blisters and body swelling due to rashes. Benadryl or any other compound that contains diphenylhydramine is useful for reducing irritation and discomfort.
Rather it is probably a raised and irritated bit of healing tissue, hardened such as would the area around a cut if the scab had been pulled off. Here it should be mentioned that the patient might need more than one session with the specialist to get rid of the tattoo, depending on the nature of the tattoo.
The same plant can produce worst type of infection in the lungs when it is burnt accidentally and the smoke is inhaled. Sometime it can cause bumps or blisters or even hives on the skin from which oily fluid oozes out. This oily resin will cause high itching and has the quality of spreading to other parts of the body when the person rubs his finger over it. In severe cases poison ivy rash can cause skin infection when bacteria enter into your body through pus. If you have developed rashes on many parts of your body soaking in oatmeal bath is quite effective.
I have done many salt soaks, changed the jewelry and tried to put in the threadless titanium today.

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