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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; all of us have heard the phrase millions of times and that is why it is often seen that lovers love to gift diamonds to their beloveds.
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Simple diamond tattoo carved along with a quote that asks one to work hard in the present and make it shine like a diamond rather than keep delaying things.
Carved near the ankle, this small blue diamond tattoo looks nice and represents the superb quality of endurance. Well, diamonds may attract women but this man too has a thing for diamonds and therefore, has got a tattoo on his back. The precious stone is a symbol that one must always work hard to keep one’s character glowing and shining, just like the diamond. Diamonds are a symbol of strength and character and this man got it to serve as a source of inspiration.
The waist is not the place to wear diamonds but the girl’s fascination with the precious stones has made her get three of them there. The large solitaire on the wrist looks very magnetic even in its simple, dark outline form. This tattoo showing a diamond and skull, symbolizes the fact that the wearer is a fearless person and considers himself unbreakable, just like the diamond. Cool tattoo piece that shows the gratitude of the wearer for his parents and also symbolizes their king and queen like status in his life.

The man got a diamond tattoo along with a banner bearing the name of his girlfriend, that symbolizes his passion and love.
Carved on the ring finger, the diamond looks pretty and stands for the desire of the girl to get one from her lover. The girl looks quite appealing in her dark diamond tattoo, carved on the shoulder, which also symbolizes beauty. Carved on both sides of the waist, the tattoos look very cool and add to the appeal of the sexy abs. Diamond created on the middle finger looks very cute and it may not be possible in reality but the girl got a diamond for herself. Red diamond tattoo, looks awesome and stands for perseverance and endurance that ultimately make one unbreakable.
This is an incomplete diamond tattoo, that is going to bear the name of the lover of the girl on the banner.
This diamond tattoo is a symbol of the adulation and glory the wearer has garnered in her life through her good work.
Girls love diamond which is kind of dream ornament for them, and getting it as tattoo piece also gives them no less pleasure. Sweet, sexy and stunning; this small and blue diamond tattoo embodies the all the cool characteristics in its display. Glorious and glamorous, the red diamond, sparkling on the wrist, looks very pretty and serves as an inspiration for the girl to be strong.

Simple diamond outline carved on the side, looks elegant and makes for a charming portrait. Etched on the calf, the diamond tattoo looks pretty and is a symbol of unbreakable character. The girl has got the diamond tattoo along with the number 13 on her ring finger to symbolize her marriage day. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The former get them due to the meaningful nature of the precious stone such as bravery, strength and endurance while the latter are more interested in getting them because of their pleasing portrait. Well, if you are interested in this cool tattoo and want to get one for yourself too, then do check out this post.
They are also popular as tattoos, not only because of their aesthetic appeal but also due to the deep meaning they possess. It has 25 wonderful images showing different kinds of diamond tattoos that will give you cool ideas and inspirations.
As far as the meaning is concerned, the diamond stands for endurance, strength, commitment, love, beauty, etc.

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