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You’ve got to give credit to those couples that tattoo on their wedding rings – good for you! It’s cool to be born into a family of inked up members because it means you’ll never have to hide yours! In the end however, my wife and I gave the tattooed ring finger a pass.  I got used to wearing a wedding band and as much sense as the idea of a tattooed ring finger made, we just opted for the traditional route of rings. 20 Cool Wedding Date Tattoos To Get Inspired - Weddingomania Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Just as in Hollywood you can find a lot of celebrities that are ink enthusiast, there are a lot of Indian celebrities in Bollywood that are tattoo lovers. When you get into the spotlight, every details matter, from meek and transparent things to very personal ones.

Continuation tattoos, matching ones, funny ones, creative ones, or symbolic ones – all in all BFF tattoos spread the love and look really cute. The celebrity tattoos are always a huge hit and the most popular and copied tattoo designs. Whether they are creative, cute, meaningful, irrelevant, or just plain stupid; everyone loves good matching tattoos.
In this article we are going to present you the most popular Indian Celebrity Tattoo designs which could serve as an inspiration for your next tattoo. From husband and wife with inked rings to family crests and continuation pieces – we’ve got the best 80 matching tattoos. Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever have you, we adore those lovey dovey inks!

You can make it on your fingers, on one side of the finger so that nobody could see it if you dona€™t want to, on the palm, wrist and hand. The numbers to use may be traditional ones or Roman ones but I especially love the idea of making a date in musical notes.

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