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Pamela Anderson received a barbed wire tattoo around her left bicep– a terrible decision she made in honor of her ex-husband Tommy Lee.
50 made a bold decision to ink up his entire body during the peak of his rap career, receiving a full body “50” tattoo on his back– along with several other smaller tats.
Heidi Klum tattooed “Seal” in fancy cursive on her right arm– which currently is in the process of being removed since the divorce from the singer. Notorious boxer Mike Tyson originally had an idea to tattoo “a bunch of small hearts” on his face, which funnily enough actually seems more regrettable than the tribal design he ended up with around his left eye.
While Angelina Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thorton, she had “Billy Bob” tattooed on her left arm. Hayden Panettiere has one of the most unfortunate tattoos– a phrase in Italian that was suppose to say “to live without regrets.” But the tattoo artist made a terrible mistake. Glamour model Katie Price tattooed “Pete” on her left wrist for her ex-husband, Peter Andre, who she divorced in 2009.
Tila Tequila has both shoulders inked up– making it difficult for her to not flash her tats wherever she goes. Actress Eliza Dushku had a double-headed eagle tattooed onto her back, but it is hard to tell that is the case.

Rita Ora’s tattoo on the inside of her left bicep is the face of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.
Well if you are ever in the business of getting a tattoo, better make sure you really like it because these regrets are ink deep. Victor Whitmill brought a lawsuit against the makers of The Hangover franchise Warner Bros, and get it removed from the film.But they eventually came to a settlement.
Mike Tyson, who is pictured here at LAX in August, has the original version of the face art - his artist, S. But below you will see tattoo’s that celebrity’s thought to be cool that turned out to be not so skin-tastic!
The tattoo resembles a design that she decided to get after working on the 2007 Beatles’ film, Across The Universe. After the divorce, she covered the tattoo up with the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces.
She recently had the tattoo covered up by a crown, rose, and “Princess” after her daughter’s first name. The barbed wire heart tattooed on her arm with the words “C’est la Vie!,” truly was a big mistake.

Always rocking eccentric fashion and is extremely unpredictable– whisch is why her little monsters love her.
The heart was the first part of the tattoo to be finished, although Rita Ora thought “it looked weird, like a shriveled up prune, so I fixed it by having her face on.” The tattoo is much bigger than she expected and forever remains seen upside down. According to Wood, the tattoo did not come out the way she was hoping and covered it up with this intricate design. The tattoo of a star is poorly illustrated and the “D” on her other wrist, she got for her now ex-husband Deryck Whibley.
But this newest ink came as a surprise to most and many have a hard time understanding its meaning. The tattoo translates to “Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.

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