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Melasma, often called the mask of pregnancy, is induced by hormones found in pregnancy and certain birth control pills paired with UVA exposure.
The key in maintaining these results over time is to meticulously follow a post procedure skin care regimen for life. The Clear and Brilliant laser has demonstrated efficacy in melasma treatment in several studies.
I started using Retin A for my dark marks in September, but have only been able to apply it about once a week due to excessive peeling and dryness.
Weekly retinoid use is indeed too little to let the skin adjust to it and your skin starts the process over and over, hence you are scaling and peeling. According to the table above, there are 3 types of Skin layer affected by melasma, Superficial, intermediate and deep. Also, if you use a brightening mask on your face, will it brighten the dark and light areas, or mostly affect the darker areas?
Topicals such as plain moisturizers, moisturizers with sunscreen or sunscreen products are safe to use all over the face.
I have moderate melasma and have tried the Obagi system and other topical products with minimal results. Also, I have heard some people have had promising results from the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System.
Melasma is very sensitive to UVA rays and perhaps even to some of the rays in the visible light that are near the UVA spectrum Therefore, a densely covering UVA sunscreen such as a mineral screen, Anthelios sunscreen or Neutrogena with Helioplex are needed to block these unwanted rays.
Do you think an oral or injectable medication to suppress the hyperactive pigment cells which would essentially control the melasma from the inside out is forthcoming or is this like the treatment of acne, which is a multi-billion dollar industry for drug companies and doctors alike?
Melasma is triggered by an increase in estrogen from a combination oral contraceptive or pregnancy or premenopausal hormonal variations. Hi, I was wondering what are the “botanical fading agents” that are referred to in the above section about post- melasma care?
The most important are Arbutin (bearberry plant extract), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (licorice root extract), Morus nigra (mulberry root extract), Emblica (Indian gooseberry extract). I have got melasma on my face for 7 years and I have tried almost all treatments available, from laser, hydroquinone and many other skin lightening products. I suspect that the retinoid in Triluma (tretinoin) has rendered your skin sensitive during the time of your treatment.
Prevention of pigment formation for life is crucial because no cure for melasma is available yet.
Preventions also includes the use of pigment suppressing topicals such as vitamin C, kojic acid, glycolic acid and other herbal fading creams, non-herbal fading creams like Perle and hydroquinone. Treatment for most types of melasma is possible and depends on ability to tolerate downtime and on financial means.
45 to 50 million people in the world are effected by the disease melasma, where 90% of the cases are women.
The signs of melasma can be seen through the darkening of the skin which occurs on both sides of the face symmetrically.
The dark color of the pigmentation can occur from light brown to dark brown or sometimes black, and even a bluish black color.
The chance of recurrence can be reduced only by meticulous use of a broad spectrum UVA filtering sunscreen.
Traditionally, microdermabrasion in conjunction with topical fading agents has also been very successful in the treatment of melasma.
It must be applied daily, regardless of sun, cloud, rain or snow because UVA rays travel through anything including your car windows. Call us today to schedule a free melasma treatment consultation to learn which melasma treatment fits you best.

I’ve tried citric acid peels, glycolic acid, Obagi skincare, hydroquione and nothing seemed to work. You may try to apply moisturizer before the retinoid and then use half a green pea size to spread over your face except upper and lower eyelids and red lips three times a week. A dermatoscope (polarized light) can help with determine the layer that is predominantly affected and treatment can be designed accordingly.
Topicals intended for fading of dark spots that can safely be applied to the entire face even when you have dark patches are kojic acid, arbutase, azelaic acid, vitamin C, as well as facilitators such as lactic and glycolic acid and tretinoin. Heat does not worsen melasma directly but heat causes little gaps in the sunscreen film on your skin. Unlike acne where cure can be achieved with isotretinoin (Accutane) when indicated and photodynamic therapy, we really are far from a cure in melasma. When using a retinoid it is prudent not to apply it the night before waxing, peel, microdermabrasion and other facial procedure. A hat and sunscreen must be worn daily and when outdoors must be reapplied as frequently as every 1-2 hours. It is a dermatological condition that can be recognized by appearance of pigmentation patches on the face. Melasma can be seen in pregnant women as their hormone levels tend to change during the period of pregnancy. Medications: Some medications and cosmetics can be sensitive to certain skin and can cause melasma in few people. Thyroid Dysfunction: Thyroid dysfunction is also considered to be one of the risk factors of melasma.
The dark patches in the skin are not regular in shape and are more prone to develop on areas such as forehead, cheeks, upper lip, chin which can gradually extend to the neck and shoulders too. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Peels such as glycolic acid or even Trichloracetic Acid can help but as solo treatments are inferior to the previously mentioned treatments. It cannot just be any sunscreen but must be able to block or filter the entire UVA spectrum. I use skin skinceuticals sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and currently use the rodan and fields reverse regimen. In case of presvcription products, please ask your precsriber if they can be applied safely. Sunscreen has helped manage it, but I did notice going off Yaz for a few months also dramatically helped my melasma. However, they are not as effective in prevention of pregnancy and do not typically control acne. But after 3 months, my skin became very red, sore, dry and very very thin, I had no idea about this thinning until one day I did face waxing and my skin peeled off with the wax cloth.
Sunscree should block the entire UVA spectrum and several sunscreens fulfill this property (all Anthelios sunscreens, all Johnson and Johnson sunscreens that carry the Helioplex sign, all titanium and zinc oxide containing sunscreens over 5%). Melasma quickly returns or appears difficult to treat when prevention is not carried out diligently. It is commonly referred to as pregnancy mask as it is also caused due to hormonal change during pregnancy.
It has also been proved that women who undergoes the therapy of progesterone hormone replacement post menopause has more tendency to develop melasma. The ultraviolet rays of the sun or even strong light from the light bulbs, can spark off the melanocytes or the pigment producing cells in the skin. A research study says that person suffering from melasma has an increased chance of thyroid disease.

This pigmentation style can be differentiated into three possible patterns mainly in the center of the face known as centrofacial, in the cheekbones known as malar and in the jaw areas known as mandibular. If ever in doubt or you cannot find your usual sunscreen, use sunscreens that contain zinc or titanium dioxide. However, if you notice darkening of your skin that persists for more than 3 weeks after each treatment, this laser might not be suitable for you.
Thus far, the mechanism of hormonal interplay with sun exposure in melasma is not fully understood. Amongst these botanical agents Pigment Regulator by Skinceuticals and Vivite Vibrance by Allergan are very reliable. Just imagine the pain I went through, I have stopped using everything now and my melasma just gets worse by the day.
The causes of Melasma still remains undetermined, although a connection can be seen between the condition and the hormonal changes of a body. The factors of dark pigmentation may include family history of the disease, intake of birth control pills, pregnancy, certain sensitive medications, cosmetics combined with the exposure to UV rays of the sun. Most of the people who suffers from melasma has a record of skin discoloration in the history of their family.
People with darker skin color is more likely to have melasma than those with lighter skin color.
You might want to consider Melanage Peel, which removes 80% of melasma in a single treatment. It is usually avoided unless overuse of hydroquinone is suspected to have caused the dark pigmentation. While Melanage peel is the single best treatment for melasma no treatment cures it and prevention or maintenance are needed. Therefore it is not surprising that there are not yet oral or injectable medications to cure this condition. Botanical agents acne be irritating to some and use should be discontinued if redness occurs. Research says that the development of melasma is much common in the summer months because of the intense sun rays.
Hormone levels are usually increased during the time of pregnancy which stimulates the progesterone, estrogen and melanocyte. Please note that treatment of melasma with any technology does not remove the need to prevent pigment from recurring. IPL (intense pulsed light) such as delivered by Palomar Icon might achieve results in some but but can paradoxically worsen melasma. There is pretty effective treatment to dramatically reduce melasma and in almost all the results can be maintained with very diligent sun protection. Moreover some products or treatments may also cause skin irritation which triggers in the production of melaninand shows up symptoms of melasma.
You will always have to use your sunscreen, reapply every 1-2 hours, and use non-hydroquione pigment suppressing agents (e.g.
It is not as effective as the Melanage peel but is very suitable for people who cannot afford downtime.

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