Suspicious Instagram login attempt - how to remove?

Suspicious login attempt on Instagram

Tens of millions of people log into Instagram every day. They all add new photos, like, write comments. However, there are situations when, if necessary, log in to your account a message appears about an unusual attempt to log in. Many users think that their account has been permanently blocked, but this is not so. Let's figure out how to regain access to your profile and get rid of persistent login errors.

Why is an authorization attempt blocked?

Sometimes when trying to log in to their Instagram account, users run into trouble, a message appears on the screen: suspicious login attempt. At the same time, you can’t log into your account. The full error text looks like this: “We found an unusual login attempt. We have recorded a suspicious attempt to enter your account. We will send a security code to verify your identity. How do you want the code? In 2017, there was a leak of user data, including their phone numbers and email addresses. Because of this, a large number of profiles were hacked and stolen, which forced developers to improve security measures. A special algorithm was introduced that calculates suspicious login attempts and blocks them. The consequence of this is the appearance of a message with a request to enter the code received on the attached number or mail.

Please note that you can reset your password using your Facebook account. The method works only if there is an attached FB profile to Instagram. Insta and Facebook have the same owners, social networks interact with each other. Now you know what to do when the system asks for a phone number. There is a problem when the data are entered correctly, but Insta still asks for a phone for confirmation. Perhaps you are logged in from someone else’s device, an attempt to log in from another country can also lead to re-confirmation. Follow the recommendations, in a few seconds a confirmation code will be sent to the indicated number.

We can distinguish the main reasons due to which authorization blocking is possible:


As you can see, there are many ways to fix the login error. If authorization fails, we recommend that you try each method presented here.