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Work Online Success Story 2: Meet Chandi, the brilliant academic writerI love reading interviews but lately I've discovered that I'm enjoying seeking out interviews from fellow freelancers and work onliners. My goal in creating this blog is to provide you with helpful information about working online in Kenya and how you can make money online from that work.
A few years ago I remember spending hours on end trying to find ways of making money online in Kenya.
I have received countless requests from people who want to receive academic writing training and to learn how to make money online. The advent of the internet has brought with it numerous benefits and working online is one of them. I keep getting so emails asking me how you can make money online through other means other than what I have already written about.
A few years ago I knew that I wanted to make money online but I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Working at home is becoming an option for more women; those who are lucky enough to have employers who let them work flexi-hours do so, but many more are quitting employment to start lucrative online ventures.
Online business or service provision is the in-thing in various industries, as the flexibility is greatly appealing; online businesses can be ran from anywhere, at any time of day or night, and do not often require too much in terms of investment in premises and staff. Even if she had landed a job thanks to her diploma in business management from the Kenya Institute of Management, Agnes Karuri is sure she would not be earning in excess of Sh250 000 a month.
But from her bedroom in Garden Estate where she offers research services to both local and international post-graduate students as well as corporate managers with international companies interested in Kenya and East Africa, this is well within reach. She was reluctantly introduced to online matters by her techno-savvy husband James Karuri who was running a web hosting service provider. Setting up your own website where you provide consultancy services, research services, academic writing, resume writing, editing and data entry are some of the fastest growing and rewarding online businesses, James Waititu, a web-hosting services consultant, says. Waititu says the effort one puts in is directly proportional to one’s earnings, unlike conventional employment, where your salary is fixed no matter your effort.

Years and thousands of attempts down the line and I believe I have now tried, or at least had some experience with almost all possible methods of earning money online. I have been working on an article that covers more than 100+ ways of making money online, but doing all that research has proven to be very time-consuming. All this I do online but I have a team that now physically delivers to clients,” says the mother of two.
It is still among my favorite methods of earning online since it is less strenuous than academic essay writing and there is always a constant work flow. And in this blog I will be talking about wealth and particularly how to make money online in Kenya.

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