Stephen Odzer

Brands are only as strong as their leaders. That is a constant theme in any industry. An industry that is very important for how things are done today is the janitorial industry. So many businesses are dependent on their janitorial supplies. How clean a business is will have a huge impact on its success. Stephen Odzer is a man who knows just how important this industry is, which is why he has created one of the biggest brands in janitorial supplies today. This is a positive man, whose passion and drive are what has propelled his business into the forefront of this particular industry. His passion and entrepreneurial spirit started at a very young age. Some kids mow lawns or sell lemonade to make money. Not Stephen Odzer. When he was 18 years old, Stephen Odzer began a shop out of the corner of his parent’s basement. He started to sell items like paper cups, plates, and napkins door-to-door in the family’s neighborhood in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Odzer started off with small packages before he moved onto selling cases of these paper goods. This was how he got started over 29 years ago.

While janitorial supplies may not have been the most glamourous industry, it was an important industry that people needed. That is why he made the switch from these paper good items to janitorial supplies. He knew where he wanted his career to go 29 years ago and followed the best path to accomplishing his dreams. Once he started selling larger cases of paper goods, he decided that it was now time to move his way up to much bigger fish. He started out working with customer food chains, selling janitorial products to these commercial sites. Eventually his small business grew to the point where he worked his way up to much larger institutions like hospitals, nursing homes, school districts, and stadiums.

How did he accomplish this? He worked slowly, earning the respect and trust of his customers as he moved to larger institutions. Eventually, he did acquire clients that were more than happy to work with him. There were some twists and turns in the road as often happens for entrepreneurs who are working their way to the top. He had a business plan in mind: expansion. What was the key to his success? This is what he had to say about his success: “I’d never say, ‘We don’t have it’, I’d just go get it.” He went on to say, “Janitorial supplies are not sexy items, but it’s big business.”

Stephen Odzer can only go up from here in his career. He wants to expand to the Western United States. He has been successful in this market in his area but growing his business has long been a part of the ultimate plan. His philosophy on business, the idea of never saying that his company doesn’t offer something, is what makes him stand out in the industry. Some companies prefer to specialize in specific products, but Odzer realizes the value in offering a wide array of products that customers may need rather than just want the already want. He wants to make sure that his clients have access to a variety of items that they could need or want. His company has his clients covered.

Clients of this company get a lot of benefits when they choose to work with Stephen Odzer. The biggest is savings. He strives to offer affordable prices for his customers. He understands that businesses have tight budgets. This means that they think that they have to sacrifice quality for their budget. Odzer knows that businesses need to have quality products that work for their budget, which is why he offers such a wide array of products. He wants to not only help his clients to get affordable, quality products but he also wants to ensure that his clients have access to products that can improve their productivity. He wants customers to be able to look through the products that he offers and notice something that makes them say “I want that”.

Janitorial supplies are necessary products across various industries and even in the home. It’s not some majestic industry, but it’s an essential one. Stephen Odzen makes sure that the products he offers allow people to clean more efficiently. This allows them to have more time for other tasks. Janitorial supply businesses have a distinct place in the market, and Odzen recognizes this. His passions and focus on positivity is what makes his company stand out. These are the things that make his company successful. And there is still a lot more land in the United States for him to cover, so expanding this business is an exciting and natural next step for him.

This industry is constantly growing, which may be surprising to people as they often don’t think of this as a lucrative business. In fact, estimates show that this market grows by 2.2% every year. Stephen Odzen thought about it even 29 years ago and he has stuck to this industry to this day. Supplying these essential goods for institutions, commercial sites, and residential homes is always going to be necessary even when automated equipment. As new products come out, his company will continue to offer the latest and best quality products possible. Whether it is cleaning chemicals or cleaning paper products, Stephen Odzen will ensure that you get what you need.

His strong work ethic developed as a child and only grew with him. He is a self-starter, starting small and working his way up to the top of his game. You don’t get to where he is today without having passion, positivity, and work ethic. Stephen Odzen has become a success because he put in the time and effort. He never stopped make sure that his customers get the products that they want. There is a lot that young entrepreneurs can learn from the rise of Stephen Odzen. His road to success wasn’t by accident; it was all part of the plan.