Enterprise Steam Installation and SetupΒΆ

Enterprise Steam is an “instant on” platform that streamlines the entire process of building and deploying applications. It is the industry’s first data science hub that lets data scientists and developers collaboratively build, deploy, and refine predictive applications across large scale datasets. Data scientists can publish Python and R code as REST APIs and easily integrate with production applications.

This document applies to Administrators and describes how to install and start Enterprise Steam in a Hadoop environment and make it accessible to a set of users. The process includes uploading an H2O driver and adding users through either the built-in SQLite database or through an LDAP config file.

Note: Before you begin using Enterprise Steam, be sure that your minimum version of H2O is If necessary, follow the instructions on the H2O Download page for your platform to upgrade H2O. For current customers with enterprise support, earlier versions can be supported. Contact H2O.ai if you require support for an earlier version.