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Spawn in only a world of a city in ruins and band together to survive the onslaught of zombies and to protect the very existence of the human race.Additional NotesThe entire world is city ruins, you can build your own buildings, claim land and mine underground. Beyond that, please read the other signs below and pray it is not too late to save yourself. If you are inclined toward zombie-dom, you’d prefer to pop a pill that will chill you out. When is the last time you saw a half-baked zombie belly laughing so hard he peed his pants?

Task Force Recent Pins Visit Zombie Killer Elite Task Force's profile on Pinterest. Zombies are impressed with people who accomplish things in business or the arts or politics.
Zombies, however, are so impressed with popular people that they wax worshipful, following the lives of virtual strangers. Releasing the real you would feel like letting a starved tiger out of a steel cage – and boy is it pissed! Knowledge of the world, technology, culture, art, science, history, hobbies and pleasures of all kinds are waiting to be gobbled up.

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