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If the movies and TV shows have taught us anything, it’s that the world is going to end, no doubt about that. Two most important things you need to know about this world are: Stay quiet and aim for the head!
You will need a backpack for your essentials – weapons, energy bars, water and make some room for this Survival Guide, it could easily save your life…and you’ll need something to read before going to sleep.
The ZombieMax ammunition is real loaded ammunition, loaded to specifications ballistically similar to Hornady’s top end ammunition.
My connections with classified military operations and a rogue buddy in DOD Special Operation, provided me with exclusive access to the Top Secret US Government Zombie Neutralization and Testing Facility (ZNTF) in Area 51 where trapped zombies are held for testing and research.
Apparently the day before we arrived ZNTF officials and researchers had just completed an inventory and realized they needed to reduce captive volumes by a considerable amount and allowed us to thin the horde a bit during out testing. Based on our hands on testing, the Hornady Zombie Max ammunition was the most effective ammunition against zombies even when compared to Mil-Spec M855 rounds which consistently over penetrated.
EDITORIAL NOTE - Of course I was having a little fun here helping promote a really unique product from Hornady for the Zombie preparedness folks, however the Zombie Max ammo will perform very similarly to the Hornady TAP and Critical Defense rounds and is real live ammo.
The book can be considered a collection of very short stories that take place in the same world (which happens to become overrun with zombies).
Each chapter is great as a standalone story, and that's both the book's greatest strength and its greatest weakness.
This blog is about: writing, books, horror, real life, music, movies, TV, psychology, philosophy, science, parapsychology, skepticism, technology, video games, whatever's in the news, and whatever else comes into my head that won't fit on Twitter. We’ve seen so many different predictions on how the world is going to perish, but the most popular one involves deadly zombie virus and a pandemic on a global scale.

This Zombie Survival Guide provides all the essential instructions on how to stay one step ahead of the infected. This book teaches you how to handle a zombie attack, but it also provides important knowledge about the infected. These abominations are not good at climbing, so if you want to stay put, the key is to pick a high point or build some walls around you. Brooks' previous effort was The Zombie Survival Guide, and I thought World War Z would be his attempt at a straight-forward zombie novel.
They are in rough chronological order, so an overall timeline develops, but characters only rarely appear in more than one chapter. World War Z is essential reading for anyone who loves the living dead as much as they should.
While some stories would indeed make great stand alone novels, I liked the breadth and scope of the global perspective, they are just so damn plausible!
Alan Alda, Mark Hamill, and Henry Rollins (which could stop the zombie apocalypse all by himself).
It helps you understand their behavior so you can adapt perfectly to the world filled with flesh-eating creatures. Cover all of your skin and keep your hair short, so they can’t scratch you or mess with your hair. But remember, it’s never a good thing to stay at one place for too long – you gotta keep moving! Stories cover everyone from Paris Hilton and her chihuahua to the K9 units in the military to the soldiers who specialize in fighting zombies under water.

There's something to be said for leaving the reader wanting more, but when there is no more, it can be frustrating. Zombies are real!”, cast a wink to the 60 year old lady on the other side of me and then I went back to reading. Without question the Zombie Max ammunition is a must have for your zombie preparedness kit.
Many of the ideas here are so damn good they could have been expanded into full novels of their own, and sometimes I wish they were.
I write a lot, hence the blog, but also do a lot of other stuff, including: eating, reading, watching stuff on screens, sleeping, using web sites, and walking.
They say it could never happen, they said the mad cow virus would never mutate, and they said the Solanum virus would never surface, but today is the second after that starts our survival. I have a PhD in psychology, which is why I'm so smart and you have to call me "doctor." I research and analyze technology for a living. For the Zombie preparer there is only one choice for Zombie ammunition loaded with the proprietary Z-max bullets and buckshot proven effective on all zombie types.
I always have further questions, or I want to get to know the characters and situations better.

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