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Alternating between DJing and live performances, the Mau5 is notorious for using a live set up that will confuse the majority of people. The british electronic band know as Disclosure uses keyboards, drums, Akai MP32’s, and various other devices to manipulate sounds as they perform. The live dubstep group known as Modestep harness live vocals, drums, and dirty drops to give you a performance that is absolute chaos.
Coming as no surprise, Daft Punk are the kings of fancy electronic toys that create a sound unique to their name. Ethan: What are your favorite artists on your label that you’re looking forward to releasing right now?
Candyland: Well, Chico was cool because that was our first encore, so that was pretty crazy.
Summer Set Music Festival went down this past weekend and we've heard nothing but good things. Unfortunately one of the best seasons the year draws near a close, the feeling of change is enough to put anyone in a reflective mood. In celebration of our 50th edition to our guest mix series, we proudly present you all with our latest installment. Flume's debut album is still being lauded by all in the upper echelons of dance music as the indisputable album of the year, and we don't disagree.

Yesterday, we talked about the Forbes annual Electronic Cash Kings list which ranks the top 10 richest DJs in the world by total net worth. If you all managed to miss the news, let me catch you up: Borgeous is releasing his debut album 13 in less than two months, on August 13! Unfortunately, our plans and leadership direction does not coincide with the EDM network, and henceforth we will not be working with them on our future endeavors. It is literally “your” site and “your” company and the very last thing we want is for that to change. Giving us hit tracks such as Walking On A dream and more recently, Alive, Empire of the Sun is a fantastic live performance that utilizes creative costumes, stunning visuals, and live instruments. Pre made loops combined with live renditions make for a smoothly flowing electronic experience that you have to see to believe.
Almost taking on the vibe of a heavier rock concert, the energy given off by Modestep is an intoxicating energy that the crowd can’t resist. Minimoogs, synthesizers, and other audio controllers that are usually found in the studio all play a part in creating an experience that is completely on the spot.
So they ended up just hitting us up after the Rattle remix contest, which was through Hysteria, one of their sublabels and they asked us to start producing more. How’s the shift been from DJing and producing for yourselves to being one of the scenes current rising artists?

Then there are people like Ethan (of Candyland) and I who listen to like Michael Jackson and The Beatles and all these other artists.
Like when Flosstradamus came out with Original Don it started off as some crazy Hardstyle sounding beat and did this Hip Hop thing, and that’s when everyone was like, “Ohhh my god!” and I feel like trap has kinda lost that. Lil Jon contributes what he can in terms of getting crowds and listeners hyped, but Borgeous and Riggi & Piros really went hard on the production side. Your EDM is the largest and most prominent EDM site in America but more than that, it is something we’ve all built together. We look forward to what 2014 holds, and we are excited to take the journey with all of you. And then some random person texted me and was like, “Congratulations on the win” and I was like… what are you talking about? So I think its just the fact that we are inspired by a lot other artists and that helps us. And then I looked at it, and we were in a parking lot and I just screamed at the top of my lungs, and I was running around. We were with Them Lost Boys, and I kinda hugged them and through them around, and some construction workers thought I was like, dying or something haha.

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