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Jason Drevenak is president of the North American Bushcraft School and began his relationship with the outdoors as a child on the same property where the North American Bushcraft School operates today. Sera Drevenak (Vice-President) hails from the Virgin Islands, and is a professional marine biologist.  She has a Master’s degree from Duke University in Environmental Management and has ten years of experience working internationally with non-profits and non-profit management.
Brooke Brody (Director) is the founder and Clinical Director of Potomac Pathways and a member of the Board of Directors at North American Bushcraft School. Brooke has worked in community based mental health organizations, wilderness therapy programs, managed his own private practice, and is now thrilled to see his vision for Potomac Pathways come to fruition. David Roy Ritter (Director) grew up in Potomac, Maryland along the mighty Potomac River where he turned to the outdoors as a source of confidence as a child.   He flourished at Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts where he found his love for mountaineering, climbing three Mexican volcanoes and the two highest volcanoes in Ecuador, while also founding a mountain rescue team. ACCT Challenge Course Manager, ACA Swift Water Rescue Instructor, LNT Master Educator and Certified Climbing Instructor.  He is also certified in Project Wet, Project Wild, and Project Learning Tree. Kristen has studied shamanism with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) and is a graduate of the Advanced Shamanic Training Program “Next Steps” offered by FSS staff Dana & Shana Robinson. Elet credits this style of training, specifically in natural settings, for his success on the American Ninja Warrior course.
Elet has coached parkour around the nation to adults and children alike and is also an Ambassador for the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, a research foundation striving to make Lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure.
Drawing from a background of climbing, backcountry snowboarding, martial arts, fitness, and parkour Elets believes that outdoor exercise is essential for human health no matter your age or previous experience. Tanner Craig was born with a rifle in one hand and a fishing rod in the other and hasn’t put either down since. Listen to the Noise Pop Podcast's latest mix of the best songs released online in the past month. With guards working an average of 30 hours overtime per week, there has been an increase in use of force.
A summer program at Johns Hopkins University puts high schoolers' ingenuity to the test — building bridges out of nothing but spaghetti and glue. High school students in the Johns Hopkins University summer program, Engineering Innovation, compete in an annual spaghetti bridge-building competition.
Developers are planning or building at least 27 major commercial and residential complexes on land that could be at risk.
KQED's Jessica Placzek reports from the third annual dumpling cook-off in Oakland, which pitted old family recipes against unconventional new concoctions that blended eastern and western influences. If you're riding a bike on a street in Idaho, it's legal to treat a stop sign like it's just a yield. A new special report from the San Francisco Public Press says there are $21 billion worth of planned real estate developments along the Bay's waterfront that could be in jeopardy if sea levels rise. San Francisco city attorney accused the federal agency of contributing to unsafe conditions. Medicare was created 50 years ago as a health insurance program for seniors and people with disabilities.
The rate of people saying they had problems paying medical bills in the last year was cut in half.
An interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers at Stanford University have developed a cheap way to clean contaminated drinking water in the slums of Bangladesh. Cy Musiker and David Wiegand share their picks for great events around the Bay Area this week -- and a very special announcement.

Ed Cavanaugh, who taught wilderness survival at Downtown High School, is subject of Sierra Nevada search.
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Camping equipment shop - motorhome accessories, campervan, Motorhome accessories, campervan accessories, caravan acessories, awnings, steps, duvalay . Andy Goodson and his fellow bloggers made sure to capture the scenic buttes and canyons in the province's south central and south east areas.
As Goodson and his friends explored the east and south regions of the province more and more, they began "seeing all of these amazing things and having these incredible experiences," he explained.
By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Gary Harold (Director) has a PhD in child development and has taught curriculum development and education in the US and internationally for more than 30 years and specializes in outdoor and environmental education for at-risk youth. His approach refreshingly combines clinically proven models with more ritualistic and experiential methods of healing. She continues her study of shamanism by working with her own Guides and by working directly with Peruvian shamans several times per year. Kristen continues her herbalism training by studying under many of the great herbalists of the day. Kristen has completed Quantum Touch & EFT training and has hundreds of hours of hands-on energy healing experience.
However, not just extreme or cinematic, parkour is a  personal discipline of physical self challenge that strengthens the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. Participating in 4 seasons of the obstacle course challenge he qualified for the National Finals every year, often with the fastest completion times, and also represented Team USA on the international Ninja Warrior Challenge. He hopes to help students increase vitality, strength, and agility, reduce pain, and gain personal insight through individual challenge and experience.
Originally from Boonsboro Maryland, Tanner has hunted and fished in almost half of the 50 states and Canada and teaches deer processing for NABS and the Mountaincraft and Music Gathering.
One San Francisco bicycle activist group named the Wigg Party wants that to become the law here, too. According to the report, waters would "most likely" rise three feet, with some models predicting as high as eight feet, along thousands of acres of shoreline.
It is historically a Midwestern and East Coast treat and a number of shops are springing up in the Bay Area serving this frozen dessert.
The instructors welcomed him on the first day like he was "coming home" from a long journey and he was their best friend.

By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Army as an Airborne combat medical specialist, created and operated The Conch Republic Kayak Company, a sea kayak company and summer camp in Key West, Florida, and has worked at several ACA white water and ocean kayaking schools on the east and west coasts of North America. When he is not working with NABS groups, Gary spends most days growing his garden and kayak fishing.
He specializes in working with young people struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.
He has studied with shamans from the Lakota tribe, wandered through India, and learned from Buddhist Masters of Tibet.  He is committed to blending these wisdom traditions into his work and life.
In addition to events at North American Bushcraft School, recent trips have included hiking the Grand Canyon, Basecamp at Everest, and Yosemite. She makes her own medicines and has an herbal apothecary of over 200 herbs, tinctures and oils. She wild harvests many of the herbs herself each year. Kristen has also completed a 2 yr aromatherapy course of study with the American College of Healthcare Sciences.
Tanner is also our full time apprentice and is an assistant instructor for the knife making, friction fire and stone tool classes.  He often specializes in West Virginia Witticisms.
The group says local police are overzealous about ticketing cyclists who don't come to a full stop. The Press also warns that policy changes, which might stem the development tide, are inching along and may not be fast enough to affect any projects currently in the pipeline. Shelby Pope shares the story behind frozen custard and tells you the best local spots to get it. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. Jason was the Manager and Head Instructor for The Nantahala Outdoor Center’s Wilderness Survival & Primitive Skills School for several years.
Sera created educational curricula about Caribbean sea turtles that is currently used in more than 30 countries and is translated into 3 languages.  When she is not at the North American Bushcraft School, she works for the Marine Fish Conservation Network as Policy Director, bringing anglers and conservationists together to influence federal fisheries policy. When police announced they would step up enforcement, cyclists staged a protest earlier this week. And we'll examine its accomplishments and ongoing challenges, including how to pay for the extra 10,000 baby boomers who become eligible for the program each day. We use all the protective gear necessary to reduce this while also creating a safe support system to weather any physical and mental challenges that may arise.First time participants receive their own safety mask to use during the week and take home to keep. Jason is also the Lead Instructor for the Outdoor Leader Degree’s Primitive Living course offered at Southwestern Community College in Bryson City North Carolina. Jason regularly teaches at the Earthskills Rendezvous in Georgia, Firefly and Piedmont Gatherings in North Carolina and MAPS meet in Maryland. He currently holds an NC and WV EMT-Intermediate certification as well as being an AHA CPR BLS and AED Instructor, Jason also teaches wilderness medicine for Stone Hearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO) and back-country firecraft at the annual Appalachian Wilderness Medical Conference.

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