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Crawle has a focus on realistic survival using mechanics such as hunger, thirst, diseases and wilderness survival. The game is always being updated with new features, as just recently they added farming, so it's almost turning into a Dwarf Fortress style title.
Another addition which was not explained in the list on site is the ability to build houses and other such buildings, which is great if you want to stay safe and keep warm! Massive 20km x 20km square kilometer map, explore, ransack and learn to survive in this wilderness survival game under development for PC. The game world is influenced heavily by Scandinavian traditions, which is reflected in items such as the Kuksa (a cup made from birch bark). This website is designed to promote news and information about video games and is not intended to infringe upon copyright laws, or any copyrighted material. 8Hangzhou, 13-year-old girl playing with hand travel one hour to spend more than 20,000 sellers unofficial refused .. Check out all three videos as the game has a lot in it which is difficult to show in under 2minHi Survivors,As promised here is a basic overview of the Development HUD currently in all No Return UE4 downloads. The Development Menu OverviewThe Dev HUD is temporary and helps with development and is not intended as a game HUD.
Settings MenuThe Settings menu allows you to change screen resolution which might help with frame rate if you are having issues. Keyboard Controls Much of No Return is currently on the keys so take a look at this menu to get a clear idea of what buttons do what. Capture The Flag Options This feature will spawn in two points, one for the red team and one for the blue team.
AI Forts Instead of using the capture the flag option above you can manualy set up blue and then red team fort locations yourself. AI Creation Menu Before you can use AI camera views you must spawn Ai into the game, be that mercenaries, zombies, aliens or animals. Ammo Type Menu The button marked in yellow allows you to give ammo to the player but only if the player has enough cash which can be gatherd through collecting stars.
Block Building A range of different block types are under development for block buidling options. The Camera Man The camera man is an experiment to see if a camera crew (like a news crew) can be added to the game world. Camera Menu All Ai in the game have camera options so if you place zombies in game then you will be able to get a zombies view on the world.
Console CommandsThese will seriously effect frame rate and are not recommended for gamer use. Fire and LighteningThis menu allows you to mess about with the current dev fire and lighting options. Map Flooding Map Flooding will be a major part of No Return and will in time go up and down with rain and the time of year. Fog and Clouds Clouds at game start do not move but can be activated by entering a speed and checking the box.
Mission Selection There are currently a few experimental missions and you can try them by checking the box and then hitting the cog button. News Paper Menu This menu is experimental and will inform you about events going on the wilderness area.
Planting Menu Because the game is about survival planting crops and so on is being included.
Rain and SnowThis menu simply allows you to turn on basic weather features we have currently added in. Change DateThis menu does work but you will need to press 'TAB' once you have closed the menu for your changes to take effect.
Game StylesThis menu will be filled with pre programmed game styles so if you like dark and moody you will be able to quickly set the game up for that. Survival Stuff A range of very basic pre made shelters and bases can be added to the game by selecting an option and then using the 'U' key to place. Team M8 Ai Ai team m8s can now be spawned in, a range of Ai testing is going on with this menu. NeonXSZ - - весьма удачный по своему сюжету космический шутер с элементами ролевой игры от первого лица, песочницей и намеком на исследование огромного открытого мира, в котором вас никто не ограничивает в возможностях, где ваши возможности зависят только от вашего воображения. Windborne - - зрелищная песочница, в которой вам дается необитаемый остров, наполненный множеством различных загадок и тайн. Unclaimed World - интересная, приключенческая ролевая игра на выживание с элементами песочницы, где ваша задача как землянина колонизировать совсем новую планету далекой звезды Тау Кита.
RPG Tycoon - один из лучших симуляторов для создания RPG, он очень напоминает - Game Dev Tycoon, но все же в нем есть отличительная черта.

Rock and Roll - весьма интересный и продвинутый симулятор камня с доступным вам мультиплеером до 64 игроков. Rising World - добротная песочница, главная задача игры - выжить в случайно генерируемом мире. Buildanauts - сочетание градостроительной песочницы с элементами стратегии, где ваша главная задача удивительна и непроста.
Eaten Alive - приключенческая игра в сочетании хоррора и RPG, где главный герой оказывается в разрушенном Бостоне через шесть лет после апокалипсиса. Earth Space Colonies - - интересная стратегия с элементами песочницы для всех поклонников жанра Plаnetbase, Maia, Sol 0 и другие.
Heathen Engineering's Terran - новая леталка с элементами песочницы, сюжет которой развивается в далеком будущем, это время когда человечество благодаря технологиям вышло за пределы плоти и костей, и стало составляющим или одним целым с машиной. Invasion: Brain Craving - эта игрушка вобрала в себя много жанров, начиная с квестов, приключений, стратегии заканчивая зомби игрой в сочетании с песочницей и RPG. Interstellar Rift - - самая настоящая космическая песочница, в которой вы можете строить огромные межгалактические корабли, прорабатывая все до самых маленьких мелочей, начиная от количества иллюминаторов, заканчивая количеством турбин и двигателей.
Fort Meow - это сочетание песочницы и игры на физику, главная героиня это маленькая девочка, которая живет в большом доме.
The early access version of the game is $19.99, and includes the survival sandbox mode now, as well as the story mode when it launches. Players are warned that while the game is stable and playable in its current form, the sandbox is constantly evolving. Well as you play you may come across holes in the ground depicting Dungeons, but beware these are dangerous places.
You start as a character with little knowledge or skill in wilderness survival or constructing a civilization and work your way up to founding a fully fledged village with other players.
Everything you do in the game you need to learn and wait in real time and the changes that you make to the environment will stay in the game forever. All graphics used are for promotional purposes only for the relevant game, and all artwork or graphics belong to the respective owners. More information will be added soon but if you have any questions then please feel free to fire away.
It is not user freindly and is part and parcel of making any game and allows the developer to access almost all game features from a single menu. Much of the keys will be changed once the game HUD is created so the keys are not designed for ease of use or any final solution.
This is used in development so that we can selected different locations in game and see how the AI react to close battles and ones over larger distances.
This menu is not intended to do the spawning in, that is instead done through the 'B' 'N' 'M' keys.
So if you like to build with blocks open up this menu and experiment with the different options available. If you want to cancel the part selected use the Cancel button on the main menu to remove it.
If you want total darkness then you will need to head to the sun menu and mess about with moon lighting.
If you do start lightening or forest fires then you can put them out by walking through them at the moment.
7 is seven seconds per spawn and is not subject to Ai kills, so if you dont kill Ai then you can end up with a lot in game.
Currently the season changes are bit ehh so things need a bit more work before you will notice much changes from say summer months to winter. Just now the options are basic but worth checking out just to see if you prefer the colour changes. So if you want to have long days in summer and long night in winter select a different latitude. A survival base offers you first aid and ammo so is worth putting in to save you having to buy ammo all the time through the ammo menu and collecting stars. Use them on zombies and mercenaries around a base to ensure your safety.More information to follow soon. An avid gamer, he particularly enjoys stealing loot from his friends, crushing the opposition in tactical RPGs and walking around looking at stuff in Elder Scrolls. You can even become diseased by eating raw meat, just like us Humans, so make sure you cook it well. If any material is seen to be offensive or infringing upon the owners rights, please contact us immediately and we will remove the content.
Explore, Ransack and Learn to survive in this wilderness survival and hunting simulator for PC.

Keep in mind this is not the finished game HUD and is for the development of the game features only.
Through the menu you will be able to access all the current No Return game features and experiment with them as the developer does. Also included in this menu are a range of other experimental development features for you to try out.
You can however change the water shader to high or low options but again a lot of bugs exist with it.
This menu can be used in conjection with the environement menu to give you any colour of game you wish to have. Any music file selected will play fully through before stopping so dont start if you dont want to be listening to it for a while. Because we can now change the colour of all the environment assets autumn changes will start very gradually and should be a very nice in game feature to show the changing of the seasons. In this way you will be able to set up the game for your actual location and expereince the sun as you do currently. Most of the options apart from the survival shelter have very limited impact on the player but will in time become more important to shelter from rain, storms and so on. This menu is very buggy and not very user freindly at this point in time but with a bit of trial and error you will be able to send your team m8s into a fight against Ai should you want to. You explore a large open world to gather resources while managing several conditions including hypothermia, starvation and dehydration while avoiding injury and illness. Purchasing the Early Access version of the game allows the team to polish aspects of the game and gather player feedback to drive development.
Certain features can be used in conjuction with each other such as post process effects, weather modification and colour changes. If the zombie spawn in rate is say 15 then thats means a new zombie will enter the game every 15 seconds regardless of if you have killed any or not. The Custom projectile Dev Menu is to fine tune projectile physics to give you the best possible expereince and is used in conjuction with 'Ammo Type Base Real'. To place a starter block press '1' and then use the 'X' key to build off that starter block. The camera man will follow the player and you can then get a view from the camera mans camera of events unfolding.
Lightining should be switched off by unchecking the box after you have tested out the effect.
Mercenary attack mode on off might work and should allow you to stop Ai mercenaries spawning in once you start them with the keys. This is very much still in early dev and currently does not effect the game and is simply a menu.
More options will be added and when combined with custom build allows you to create your own Eden.
Ai is very draining on the games resources so dont go crazy with them and try to select only one option, for example stags, mercs or zombies. Select this and you will be able to get the range and other data but as yet this setup is not complete. A range of 1 - 20 is recommended for colour changes, you can also use negative values for some very surreal effects. The buttons at the bottom of the menu switch automaticaly between set options programmed in. If you switch them all on at the same time then due to a lack of optomization you will expereince frame rate loss. A small additional window can be opened up on the dev Hud to see what the camera man is seeing if you dont want full screen. On the bottom of the menu you can quickly switch from summer to winter or random weather with the buttons. Currently a range of different places on the map have been selected for these battles to take place to test out how the AI reacts to the different environment, such as swamps, hills, woods and so on. Because the game is under development issues will arise for frame rate loss at certain points. Test it out and you will be teleported to the blue team location and can get involved in the fight. You cant win at this point in time but soon enough random locations and fort capture will be added.

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