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I have 40 acres of undeveloped land behind my house in which we will venture into and find a suitable place to construct shelters while observing leave no trace to the best of our abilities. Plan on an early departure Sunday morning (around 8am) so you will not need to bring breakfast. The Boy Scouts of America Fleur-de-lis (as well as other BSA logos, words and phrases) are trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America.
In their outdoor activities, Scouts learn to bring the clothing and gear they need, to make good plans, and do their best to manage any risks.
From memory, list the seven priorities for survival in a backcountry or wilderness location. Discuss ways to avoid panic and maintain a high level of morale when lost, and explain why this is important. Show that you know the proper clothing to wear in your area on an overnight in extremely hot weather and in extremely cold weather.

Explain why it usually is not wise to eat edible wild plants or wildlife in a wilderness survival situation. The BSA Wilderness Survival Troop Program Feature offers meeting and activity plans to include Wilderness Survival as one of your monthly themes. An Introduction to Merit Badges – how to get started, who chooses the counselor, etc.
Merit Badge Application – offers online resources to let you print "Blue Cards," etc.
Merit Badge Counselors must complete Youth Protection Training, file an Adult Application (and Merit Badge Counselor Information Form); and be approved by the local council. US Geological Survey Free Topographical Maps - Download the pdf or buy 22”x27” maps for $7 each. You will have until dark to complete your shelter for your overnight living accommodations!

Explain to your counselor the hazards you are most likely to encounter while participating in wilderness survival activities, and what you should do to anticipate, help prevent, mitigate, or lessen these hazards. Show that you know first aid for and how to prevent injuries or illnesses that could occur in backcountry settings, including hypothermia, heat reactions, frostbite, dehydration, blisters, insect stings, tick bites, and snakebites.
For the purpose of this demonstration, use techniques that have little negative impact on the environment.
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When things go wrong, the skills of wilderness survival can help make everything right again.

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