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In this informative, and quite amusing, guide for dealing with dangerous animals, you'll find some very helpful advice, with a pinch of humor for a fun read.
This touching video follows a singing dog who enlists some furry friends to help him 'survive'.
Fantastic and amusing photos of animal caught mid hover, looking sometimes like magical beasts, and other times, like a furry rocket! From Beethoven to Mozart, Chopin to Schumann, these are truly the most famous piano pieces of all time! These three beautiful life lessons will really give some added perspective to your life and make you think about things in a whole different way. The microwave is something we use every day, but did you know how many different ways you can use it?
These uses for sandpaper solve all sorts of common problems, proving that sometimes the simplest objects are the most useful!
If you suffer from hair problems, such as hair loss, split ends and other common issues, you should definitely try rosemary! A comprehensive guide to laundry tricks that will get rid of any kind of stain that you thought you couldn't get rid of! While honey may be an essential ingredient to add to your diet, there are a number of other surprising uses for it too. There are things around your home that you thought you simply can't clean, but if you follow these tips, you'll be able to clean that which is uncleanable!
I've seen a world of a difference in applying these 50 tips around my home, helping me reduce both my carbon footprint and my energy bills! If you hate wasting food, then you probably care about the nutritional value it gives you - this chart will show you how to get the most out of your food.
Here's a nifty way of peeling that boiled egg, and you don't even have to touch them in order to do it. Cutting the amount of certain things you use in half is an excellent exercise in frugality.
Learn how to prepare makeup for day-to-day as well as special occasions the right way thanks to the nifty tricks given by this life-saving infographic!
Here is a terrifically useful list of 12 handy ways that your odd sock or stocking can regain her purpose, get ‘out there’ and reinvent herself.
Make your culinary experience as good as it can be using these 10 neat little kitchen hacks.
If you're terrified of making repairs to your home and call a handyman for every little thing, you're wasting money. Summertime is outdoor time—camping in the wilderness, hiking in the woods, safari in Africa, swim in the ocean.  Hopefully the wildlife you see is safely far away.  But if you get a little too close to Mother Nature’s most dangerous creatures, should you run, duck, or defend yourself? Help limit the amount of humans attacked by wild animals by sharing this information with others. When these two cute children took to the stage, their performance of the song "You Raise Me Up" blew everyone away! Dermatoglyphics, the study of fingerprints, is so precise that someone's personality type can be determined simply by looking at their fingerprint patterns!
A video showing you 20 resourceful ways to use a paperclip, which can help make your life easier. You wouldn’t guess that Tequila has any health benefits, but this surprising drink has several advantages for your health.
Did you know that there are plenty of edible plants out there that you'd never think of as such? With Easter round the corner, this plushy will make for a perfect gift or a cute decoration! Don't let their name fool you - coffee filters are some of the most useful things you can have around the house! Learn how to remove stains, both old and new, and use home remedies to maintain a clean home. Did you know that there are a lot of plants and flowers all around us that can be very dangerous for your pets?

Potatoes are a great staple of so many dishes around the world, but they have a number of uses outside of the cooking pot. Nature can provide you with food that will let you survive any ordeal, if you don’t eat the wrong plant.
Animals adapt various strategies to survive in the wild, and no place showcases the adaptations of wildlife better than in the spectacular wilderness areas of Africa. I cannot remember how I answered it at the time, but it does give food for thought, and depending on your belief system or philosophical outlook, it does leave a wide field for discussion. Many species have survived natural 'disasters', such as the Ice Age and major Earth shifts, that have sent other species into extinction. It is sometimes better to merely appreciate the wildlife of Africa than to get too deep into philosophizing about the patterns and colours as there are too many theories out there. The dangers for animals in Africa begin from the day of their birth and because of this they have to adapt survival techniques from the very start, or else end up as prey. Young AnimalsThe young of migrating animals such as the Wildebeest are able to run within half an hour of birth, enabling them to keep up with the herd.
With four hundred thousand young being born in such a short space of time, the affect of predation on the herd is limited.
The main danger is when a predator stumbles upon the young or if it gets up to run from perceived danger. There is a debate today as to whether this is possible, with some people suggesting that the late birthing is a result of late mating and not the females withholding the birth. But what happens when you stumble upon a jacked-up black bear cocking its head at you with burning hot saliva shooting off its blade-like cuspids? Tea tree oil is actually an essential oil found on one specific tree found in one place: Australia. This young school girl suffered permanent third degree burns as a result of her phone cover. No one wants to be in a situation where they have to figure out how to avoid being ground into hamburger by a shark or julienned by a bear, but sometimes we find ourselves there anyway. Take a look at these DIY Grapefruit Sorbet Slices, then make your own sweet treat to impress your guests. Learn about the plants of the region where you will be operating before your life depends on it. This question was asked by a guest after I had explained survival techniques of some animals. I will not go into this discussion here but rather talk about the strategies that species use to survive in the wilderness.Perfect Survival StrategiesNo strategy is perfect, but what strategies do is limit the damage. A perfect survival technique would be one that allows the species to survive a nuclear holocaust and it is believed that Termites and Cockroaches are the only species that have a chance of surviving such a cataclysm.Why does a zebra have stripes?There are many theories as to why animals behave the way they do, and much of the theorizing has been done with a view to romanticizing the concept of the wilderness and animal behaviour. If the young were born over an extended period the predators would have more time to diminish the herd.Non-migratory antelope use the method of hiding their young while they are feeding. With herding animals like Elephant and Buffalo, the young will be surrounded by the adults when danger is sensed.Hyena Dens and Late SeasonsSome species such as the Impala in southern Africa are known to be able to hold their birth for up to a month if conditions are not favourable. Regardless of the creative camp foods you bring, what about cougars and crocs and rattlers and sharks? Here are 9 little know and surprising uses for every medicine cabinet's most prominent pill.
Nature's full of pretty trees and nice-smelling flowers, but it can be tricky from time to time. If prey survival strategies were perfect then predators would not find any food, and would have died out a long time ago. A question that is often asked is whether the young are not more susceptible to predation when they are stationery. This survival technique is useful for animals that are seasonal breeders and the rains are later than usual. Most wild animals are of the harmless, fluffy and winged varieties, but there are still predators out there. Plants can supply you with weapons and raw materials to construct shelters and build fires.

They would have resorted to feeding on plants, but if the plants developed the perfect survival strategies then there would be no herbivores and the world would be ruled by plants. Camouflage must be ruled out as there is no more unsuited colour and patterning as the Zebra's to its habitat. The answer is that when the young is lying down its scent glands are closed, so odour secretion is limited. And no matter how few of them might be left, the odds are still there that you could run into one. Plants can even provide you with chemicals for poisoning fish, preserving animal hides, and for camouflaging yourself and your equipment.Wild Plant Survival Guide describes the physical characteristics, habitat and distribution of edible, medicinal and poisonous wild plants. The mother will move the young to a new hiding place regularly so as to prevent scent build-up.
Over 130 plants and 350 color photos simplify the identification of poisonous and edible plants. Sorry, Africa and Australia, but this is a very North-American-Centric list of wild animal encounter tips. Army gathered this content and now it is available to you.If you spend time in the wilderness, Wild Plant Survival Guide is for you. It seems impossible, but panicking will almost always make things go from harmless to terrible.2. Do not make direct eye contact, which large predators tend to view as territorial and aggressive. And finally, if you are in bear country in the first place -- follow all posted rules and regulations regarding these animals. Try to make a lot of noise when you hike so they are aware of your presence and can avoid you on their own. This is not just because panic and heavy breathing can cause complications with your dive gear (if you are diving), but many shark species can detect a racing heartbeat and interpret this as fear or aggression.
And be extra vigilant when diving with seals, which are a favorite prey of large, dangerous shark species. A sign of impending aggression is when they hunch their backs, lower their pectoral fins, and swim erratically, often in zig-zag motion or up and down. Great Whites like to show their dominance, they do this by gaping - opening up their jaws to show their weapons. They also drop their pectoral fins and will come at you from side to side or ideally from behind or below - their favorite attack method. Other sharks such as the Zambezi (Bull Shark) or Tiger Shark can just snap within the blink of an eye. Foraging bees on their own are never a danger unless you are allergic to their stings - and even then, staying calm and ignoring any forager will produce the result of zero stings. Stop flailing around like an idiot, if you smack the bee with your freaking ham-hands, it just might come after you. Bees will defend their hive aggressively, and often they have running patrols near their home.
Bees cannot fly that fast, but if they catch you they will focus on your nose, mouth and eyes. Despite what movies and cartoons tell us, bees will just wait overhead until you surface for air an attack your face.
So unless you happen to dive into one of those ponds with handy hollow reeds to breath through - as in said movies and cartoons - forget the water.4. Bees can remain agitated for awhile, and loud noises like barking or lawnmowers or screaming can re-trigger the swarm.5.
You may not be allergic, but that much venom might cause effects hours later that you can't predict. Freebase content is freely licensed under the CC-BY license and Wikipedia content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation license.

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