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A small Emergency Survival kit put in an easy to reach place known to all family members can prove invaluable in a major emergency. It’s a first aid poster focused on the simple process for handling any emergency situation confidently and calmly. Simply enter your email to receive a free first aid lesson, just like those you'd experience during one of our live first aid workshops. I've been surprised this past week how such a simple investment could make me feel more confident as a parent, but it really has.
For the last couple of years I've set up dramatic play areas for Minnie to explore around the home.
Recently she asked for a Doctors Surgery so with a little hunt around the house here's what we pulled together. I added a 'Card Corner' so Minnie was free to design Get Well Cards (or any other cards) for the patients.
It's been wonderful to see her fully absorbed in this play setup, & how her play has evolved. These DIY Ribbon Wands will brighten up any day & add some colour to your outdoor play! Transform yourself into a beautiful butterfly & create some striking outdoor art at the same time. If a person is having a seizure, and they are convulsing wildly you just have to let them go through it. All your going to do by trying to place a spoon or bite stick in the persons mouth during a seizure is cause damage to the airway, teeth and possibly yourself.
I can’t tell you how many times I have responded to the nursing homes in my area for a patient who fell and hit their head; and the dumb ass LPN or RN has put the patient back in bed or their wheel chair.

You can use an improvised Cervical collar, a wrapped up towel or jacket can work in a pinch.
My husband had not done the course and booked it and did it straight after, as he would not have known what to do. As she and her 11 year old brother got off the bus and crossed the road, the young woman walking in front of them collapsed. My daughter moved the young woman to a safer place on the road by an island and placed her in the recovery position.
We found the course was very practical and helpful and thought that Craig was a fantastic presenter. We've had a variety of play set ups including a Shoe Shop, Ice-Cream Stand, Bakery, Flower Shop, Post Office, Desert Island, & Tea Rooms, all of which have been a big hit! We added pens along with some basic sheets for appointments & prescriptions that I put together on the computer. This offered opportunities to discuss the days of the week, months of the year, time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) & how long each appointment would take. I'm sure it won't be long before it's set up again ready for a whole new set of scenarios to be played out. It is horrific to watch especially if the person going through the seizure is a family member or loved one.
With your hands on either side of their head, hold their head in a neutral in line position. If the patient is going to vomit try to roll them on their side maintaining in line immobilization.
She had a fever that rose quickly and becuase of your course, i recognised the signs of what was happening, placed her in the recovery postion on the floor till the fit stopped and called the ambulance.

Knowing of his extensive experience and hearing his stories was great but we also found him to be very clear and good at reinforcing the main points. Each play area uses items gathered from around the house or collected from charity shops, & hasn't taken long to put together.
Contrary to “urban myth” it is physically impossible to swallow your own tongue during a seizure.
Although a terrifiying experience as i was home on my home own, i kept calm and felt in control knowing i had the knowledge to help me daughter through.
We leave each area up for a couple of weeks, or longer if Minnie is still involved with them, & put them to one side of the room once she's gone to bed.
I have seen many situations both as a Hospital Corpsman and as a Paramedic that would make your head spin.
You could also use the patients shoes as head blocks to further prevent them from moving their head and neck which can cause further damage to their spine. His stories kept things lively as well as illustrated the skills we need in a way that I'll remember.
Even then, if the person ends up having an obstructed airway you can’t help them until they become post ictal (post seizure state)anyway.

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