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Canoe Camping Checklist , is an amazing and comprehensive camping pack list that you can use as a light car camping list or for backpacking.Canoe camping can take you next to nature and bring you into a peaceful state, a little heaven on earth. This camping pack list is a tried and true canoe camping checklist that I use to pack EVERY ONE of the interior canoe trips that Ia€™ve lead.
Camping Pack List, Canoe Camping ChecklistNow, Ia€™ll go through the same camping pack list and explain each item on the Canoe Camping Checklista€¦ If youa€™re picking camping gear for the first time, please also check out my Camping Equipment page to pick the best gear for you! One of the most important parts of planning a trip to the great outdoors is creating a checklist before you load up your vehicle. There are plenty of other tools and gadgets that can make camping easier, but this stuff should give you a good start. In addition to medications, wound dressings, and blister care items, this kit includes all the items outdoorsy women have floating around somewhere in their pack. Please note: Some medications may not be available in products sold outside of the US, additional items may be substituted. If you aren’t breaking camp near a source of potable water, you should probably look into getting a Water Filter.
Then again, cast iron Dutch Ovens and Skillets were literally made for cooking directly over a flame – so if you have a nice, seasoned pot or pan and are willing to carry it with you (the skillets are a little more convenient for long distances), you can save yourself a slightly bulkier piece of equipment. In the same vein, packages of utensils like this GSI Outdoor 23 Utensil Cooking Set are designed to be lightweight and portable, while still cramming in a heck of a lot of stuff – four full place sets, and everything else you could need to make a gourmet meal outdoors.
Always better to be safe than sorry – even if you plan on having a camp fire and a lantern, it never hurts to have a back up. Last but most certainly not least: you never, ever want to go off the grid without a first aid kit, like this Medical Kit, or better yet, full Emergency Kit. This entry was posted in Outdoor living and tagged Camping, Camping Check List, Camping Supplies, Coleman, Sleeping bag, Tent. But, if you dona€™t bring the right equipment (too much or too little) it can be the longest journey of your life. It is also important to call in to someone every day (or on a certain date) to say where you are and whether you are ok.
It explains EACH piece of equipment in great detail, so if youa€™re stuck on choosing, it will REALLY help you! Unfortunately, many first-time campers don’t really know what the essentials are, and they end up packing too much or too little. A Tent – Practice setting up and tearing down your tent before you leave to make sure that you have all of the parts. Waterproof Matches – You can also bring some lighters, but waterproof matches are a good emergency standby.
Flashlight – Bring at least two flashlights in case one gets wet and enough batteries to last for your entire trip. Emergency First-Aid Kit – A good kit has gauze, bandages, antiseptic and a charged cell phone.
Bug Spray – Look for a campsite-safe bug spray that repels bugs instead of killing them. Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad and Pillows – Pack more than a simple sleeping bag if you want to have a comfortable night’s sleep.
Wrench – An adjustable wrench set might come in handy, and you can keep it in your car until you need it.
Duct Tape – A roll of duct tape doesn’t take up much space and always comes in handy if something breaks.
Camping Knife – You can also pick up a multipurpose tool with an included knife, but make sure that the blade’s sharp enough for precision work, especially if you’re fishing.

Gloves – These are especially important if you’re outdoors in cold weather or if you need to clear away brush when camping.
Toothbrush, Floss and Other Hygiene Products – Hand sanitizer is always a great addition, but don’t forget about bath tissue and other essentials. Camp-Appropriate Food and Utensils – Get food that won’t spoil too quickly, including trail mix, peanut butter and bread, and store it in a safe place to prevent wildlife from wrecking your campsite. Towels and Washcloths – Regardless of whether your camp has a shower, you’ll get a lot of use out of a few towels.
As you make your own checklist, remember to think about space, especially if you’re traveling with a few people, and tell your companions to do the same. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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It’s the the most important piece of equipment, and the main thing coming between you and the elements.
Underneath, a tarp (which should be about the same size and shape as the base of your tent) protects you from mud, water, bugs, twigs, pebbles, and any other sharp objects that could either seep or tear through the bottom of your tent when you put your weight on it. The main appeal of these are that they’re lightweight, portable, and more or less resemble the stove you have at home. Now, granted, a large sized cooler like this Koolatron Cooler is worthless to a hiker, but if you’re car camping or at a camp site, having a stash of stuff (like eggs or milk or meat) can make your time outdoors a lot more comfortable.
Especially for city dwellers, it can be hard to realize how dark it gets away from the city, and you definitely don’t want to be stuck without a flashlight, like this Stanley Hands Free Flashlight, and a set of fresh batteries.
Note: (this Canoe camping checklist can also be used as a a€?bare bonesa€™ car camping list).
But there are some special considerations and camping-specific products to keep in mind if you plan on bringing your dog along for the trip!
With varying wildlife, additional hazards and new surroundings, a trained dog will make your camping experience much safer. Wondercide makes a great mosquito repellent and flea and tick repellent that is organic, effective and safe for both you and your pup to share!
Typically, camping will also mean lower temperatures, whether you are up in the mountains or just sleeping under the stars. I like to pack a pet first-aid kit whenever we bring our dog camping, just in case he gets into something that he shouldn't (or something gets into him).
On top, a tarp about twice the size of your tent will sheet off rain better even than a waterproof tent. Make sure you have something to drive them, though, and to pull them out when you’re done, like a mallet with a claw on one end, or they won’t be much good to you at all! And, relatedly, unless you’re a pro at striking rocks over tinder, you probably want to bring a can of lighter fluid and a long-stemmed lighter to start a fire. The exact canoe camping checklist of everything you need to paddle into the wilderness, or use it as a Camping Pack List a€?essentialsa€™. If your dog is still a puppy or you fear he might not be able pay attention to your commands among all the amazing natural surroundings, it might be best to bolster his training before leaving for an overnight camping excursion.
If you are planning on taking your dog on a hike or even to a beach, make sure you know about the leash laws in the area. You also want to make sure that your tent is rated for whatever kind of weather you’ll be camping in (and if you do camp later in the year or occasionally in cooler climates, buy with that in mind, not a nice summer day in the woods). Something like this Texsport 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Jug can be really helpful if you’re car camping, because the collapsible container doesn’t add a lot of weight, but remember, water is HEAVY!

The bag rolls out like a sleeping bag and is made of a quilted, waterproof Microtomic™ rip-stop fabric that is durable, while the poly fill makes it cozy. A once-a-day walk around your neighborhood doesn't exactly mean he can withstand a long, treacherous hike or swim.
Just because the wild animals do their business in the woods, that doesn't mean your oh-so-lovely and domesticated animal can too. These bowls store and transport water and food at the same time and are spill resistant, leak free and super easy to use. It has a non-slip, waterproof Rufftex™ bottom that keeps it from slipping around in the car and makes it perfect for laying on dewy grass while camping. Small rocks and thorns can cause big pain for your dog, which is why I like to use the Summit Trex™ Boots by Ruffwear ($54). Finally, and maybe even most importantly – make sure you’re actually able to assemble your tent! Make sure to read the bottom half of this page for the description of why each piece of canoe camping gear is important for this Canoe Camping Checklist (this is just as important as the canoe camping checklist itself). Made from baby-safe FDA plastic, Yummy Travel bowls are BPA free and help keep ants out by filling the bottom saucer with water. They are great for everyday protection and long days on the trail, and feature flexible traction from hot pavement, ice melt and rough terrain. Some are much easier than others, and if you can’t get it set up in a timely manner, or at all, you might as well not have it. The stretch gaiter protects the leg and locks out dirt, debris and moisture and I really like the reliable and intuitive hook-and-loop cinch strap. I would recommend buying pots meant for camping- they a€?nesta€™ better and pack up smaller.
I like to bring a bum pack so that I dona€™t have to dig into my pack for something that is small but used often.
Make sure youa€™re matches are strike anywhere (with the 2 colours on the tip) and bring in a water proof container, like a mini nalgene a€“ you cana€™t trust water proof matchesa€¦ if theya€™re not strike anywhere, bring the stiker sand paper bit. I leave them out in the rain if I dona€™t put up a tarp since if it rains at night, theya€™ll dry over the day, and if it rained during the night and it does during the day theya€™ll still get weta€¦ might as well save space.
Optional items for your Canoe Camping Checklist :Fishing gear and tackle- make sure you know the parks rules on bait, and learn how to dispose of the remains properly after. Come in handy to chop up fallen trees or branches to use in the firea€?First Aid kit- A comprehensive list is compiled, please check it out. Good to call in every few days to let someone know that youa€™re on track or if disaster has happened and you need drastic help. Also used to keep the back of the pack straight and hard instead of having things stick into your back. Leave it on the top of the equipment pack- easy access to fill bottles as needed through the day.
In the canoe:a€?Paddles- always bring an extraa€?Boat safety kit- filled with a waterproof flashlight, an emergency blanket, a floating rope and the container acts as a bailer.

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