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Another important thing to add is a list of all household members’ medical history, medications, doctors, insurance company, and emergency contact persons with cell phone and office phone contact numbers. Consider taking a first-aid course through your local Red Cross or, or ask for basic information from friends in the medical field. Put your first aid kit in a place where it is visible and accessible, but out of the reach of young children.   A cold, dry location would be preferable to store medicines properly. A complete first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to injuries and emergencies.  If you are well-prepared, unpredictable accidents are manageable and you might just save a life.
Not seen in this video - Newest Improvements and additions hit the stands on Thanksgiving day 2015.
The other day though, after a few minor injuries I realized that I had never put together a First Aid Kit so I did a First Aid Kit List and supplies to put in my Grab and Go Summer Fun Bag so when we needed band aids we had to borrow from other parents. I’m trying to think what I put in mine when I go camping, I use a plastic shoe box, Peroxide or alcolhol wipes, a clean white wash cloth or baby wipes. I needed my kit for the first time when Miss E fell and grazed her knee, I was so glad to have it there in the changing bag! Housed in heavy-duty metal cases to stay neat and organized, fitting tight to prevent shifting. Members of staff and learners are under no obligation to attempt to extinguish a fire if it puts them in danger.
Staff and learners should be aware of the location of fire exits for all session delivery locations. Staff and learners should be aware of the location of fire alarms for all session delivery locations. Staff and learners should be aware of the location of fire extinguishers for all session delivery locations. All damaged electrical sockets or plugs should be reported immediately to building maintenance or a tutor. Be aware of the dangers of trailing leads and their potential to trip, pull gear off stands and work surfaces, and suffer damage under stress. When not in use double the leads up once or twice and tie in a loose knot before hanging them up.

When connecting gear ensure you have selected a lead long enough and run it behind the gear. Be aware of the potential for hearing damaged resulting from prolonged exposure to high SPL’s. Mice and keyboards are subject to personal hand to hand contact and can spread germs and viruses. Screens and monitors can build up layers of dust, obscuring the on screen images and putting strain on a users eyes. Repetitive strain injury - manifesting itself with pain in the wrists and fingers as a result of using computer mice and trackballs.
Eye strain - ensure your monitor is not in front of a brightly lit window and eye level is in line with the top of the monitor. Neck and back ache - ensure your eye level is in line with the top of the monitor and you back and arms are supported with both feet flat on the floor. Each crate holds four vintage blue mason jars filled with back to school essentials I found at Michaels:  markers, stamps and mini ink pads, small incentives (pencils and eraser pencil toppers) and gummy bears!
I painted the first mason jar caddy to look like a bee hive since your student is so “Glad to BEE in your class”! I painted the caddy with acrylic paint in a warm gold shade and then stenciled the honeycomb on with a soft cream colored acrylic paint.
And just because I am smitten with these vintage blue mason jars and  might have taken just a few extra pictures, take a peek at the fun finds from Michaels that should bring a smile on the first day of school! While we’re all a little sad to see the end of Summer, Kaleb is excited to meet his teachers in the next few weeks and deliver these back to school teacher gifts! If you need a large quantity of one back to school item but don’t see enough on the shelves, Michaels offers a bulk ordering program.
Disclosure: I was provided a Michaels gift card to purchase the supplies needed for this back to school teacher gift. What a sweet idea, I never would have thought to paint the front of those crates like paper!
Malia – it was a Heidi Swapp stencil – now I want to honeycomb stencil everything, ha ha!

Antibiotic ointment for cuts and scraps-because we are outside playing in the sand and dirt I always want to make sure to add antibiotic cream to our cuts before we put on the band aid, just as a preventative measure. Daily medications, something for headache, toothache, new skin liquid bandage for cuts, something for itchy bites, sunlotion, nail clippers, I see you have tweezers and antibiotic ointment. NEPA MOM is a trusted online destination for busy moms and dads looking for the very best in family friendly recipes, product reviews, travel tips and more. Any operational problems or instances of dangerous equipment should be reported to him ASAP. Learning keyboard short-cuts, touch typing, and using a track pad can all help but not completely mitigate problems. I adore this project and your teachers will be so excited to receive such lovely and thoughtful gifts! The images and content are near and dear to me and it makes me {unbelievably} happy if you are inspired to make, bake or create something that you have found here at Shaken Together! All the kids just run around in their bathing suits and bare feet and just have the type of carefree summer kids should have. Water should never be used to put out a fire in computer or other electrical equipment because it can conduct electricity and thus pose a risk of electrical shock. It would be perfect for back to school which {thankfully} I still have some time to prepare for because we don’t start until September. I'd love to stop by and say 'hi', too, so feel free to leave a quick comment or email me your post to shakentogetherblog {at} gmail {dot} com.
Non-chemical forehead temperature indicator strip b) Eye-wash cup c) flashlight d) metal tweezers for removing splinters e) magnifying glass for that "fine print" on labels. Each kit has a contents list inside the lid and includes a handle and bracket for wall mounting.

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