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Educators give assessments to students to both evaluate and prepare students for following subject material. I found this blog to relate to a meeting I recently attended regarding the way that Stafford County is weighting student performance according to specific departments.
This type of distribution allows educators to use multiple formative assessments to assess student performance and prior knowledge.
Religion in the classroom is a controversial issue and many educators find themselves in situations where different religions can be brought into the classroom. Last year, I completed an Earth Science long-term substitute position at the secondary level. Through this experience, I have found that I was able to neutrally instruct students about a subject area that can pertain to all students, regardless of their religious backgrounds. As I progressed through college, I really began to notice my motivation to learn and succeed in school.
According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I believe that I have surpassed the lower level of needs such as survival and safely. For a classroom that is organized and conducted from a constructivist perspective and includes ambiguous tasks, an educator must be sensitive to the students and their emotions towards these tasks. The idea of having school through the course of an entire year brings many thoughts and questions into my mind.
As a child, I felt that students deserved summers off and that they would not be able to function without an extended break.
I believe that a year-round school schedule would work in our current school system as long as students receive multiple breaks throughout the year. Maintenance of a school continues throughout the summer months and would not be detrimental to the budget to stay open.
Overall, I believe that allowing school to be year-round allows students to continue to be lifelong learners and build on what they have learned the previous grade. I found that in my subject area (business management) I could use virtual worlds for business interactions and discussion between consumers and business owners. By allowing students to participate in a virtual world, we are conducting lesson plans that make learning a meaningful experience.
After reviewing the post-test, it is clear that the two groups had different results because of the instruction used to teach the same subject material. This letter addresses the announcement of educational budget cuts for Stafford County Public Schools.
You have asked for the budget to be dropped by 20%, leaving our school at a total of 88 points. The library is a wonderful source for students and teachers alike to access information and research. Employee tuition reimbursement for college courses taken for license renewal or advanced degree is something that is very beneficial for educators. Student resources and programs outside of the four-walled classroom are great and should be kept to a certain extent. This week’s lesson, we learned about distance learning and how it can be in many different forms. I am currently taking two online courses at The University of Mary Washington and am experiencing first-hand how distance learning plays out.
As I found the timeline to be a great idea, I do think it would be a wonderful use for history or science. For my mini project, I found it difficult to incorporate a lot of pictures when what I needed was text.
The Calvaria major tree, native to the island of Mauritius in the western Indian Ocean is in danger of becoming extinct because of deforestation. As I am approaching the island and working with my team of scientists, I would be very curious about other aspects of this tree and its environment. To solve the problem, I would like to look at possible solutions available in that location. After exploring this module and learning about prior knowledge, I found myself recovering information that I have previously stored about rainforests and how they are becoming scarce due to human use. This week in Instructional Technologies, we explored tools that allowed us to present subject material in a new and exciting way to students.
I was originally going to create a podcast for my mini project but changed my mind at the last second to do a talking Avitar.
Spelling Words WellSpelling Words Well is THE resource for spelling word lists, worksheets, games and spelling bee helps. 100 Difficult Spelling Bee Words, Definitions & Sentences  Our toughest list, for upper grades and adults! Within a few short months, you’ll have a “hit the road running” strategic business and marketing plan, and implementation plan. Strategic planning efforts and program management can be hard to get started, let alone keep on track. In this video you get to watch as Sosha and Alisha, wearing their cheer leading uniforms, engage in a lengthy make out session. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. The meeting was to specifically target the areas that needed improvement to ensure that every student is receiving a fair grade distribution. I was instructed to teach the Big Bang Theory and introduce to the students the creation of Earth. I was torn when it came to this subject because it is against what I personally believe in as an educator. I think it is important for students to believe in the religion that they choose, however, follow the guided subject material that the state provides. I believe that my motivation to learn and do well in school comes from within as well as from the outside.
I took multiple classes each semester to fill my schedule, including fulltime summer classes.
As a child, I believe that these needs were my most important and in order to move up a step I must feel content in those areas. Students with anxiety issues have a general uneasiness, a feeling of doubt, and a sense of tension (Woolfolk, 2013, p.453).
I have thought of this concept before as I continued through high school, but never saw it possible with the traditional approach always winning. As I grew up and moved to college, I found myself taking full semester class loads throughout the summer and would ultimately have a year-round class schedule. I believe that parents would also find this effective because of the work schedule that they follow with their children and locating daycare.
By using the building and school supplies all year allows schools to fully utilize their facilities and budget.  Administration also works throughout the summer months and would see that keeping school all year would benefit for all of these reasons. Students benefit from adding summer sports and having activities to do while their families are at work. After exploring different types of virtual worlds, I found myself questioning how I could use them in the classroom for instruction. It would serve as a tool to teach students how to communicate and run a business in the “real” world without the risks involved to actually start one on their own.
We are welcoming inquiry in the classroom through the exploration of content (Coffman, 2012). Many school systems are experiencing budget cuts and are trying to figure out where to take money from. The lesson plans conducted in Models of Teaching, illustrate two different methods of instruction. Baveja’s inductive approach allows students to make the subject material meaningful by expanding the students thinking into creative and critical thinking.
The reason the inductive group scored higher was because the test asked students to analyze more specimens and to name their structural characteristics.
As the Superintendent at Mountain View High School, I have attached a complete chart categorizing areas that I would like to keep funding to and categories I would like to make financial cuts to.  This attachment provides specific details and is highlighted in red to easily understand where cuts were made.

We must maintain full points to support this change and continue to implement technology in the classroom.
I have been struggling with creating projects that incorporates business material and connecting them to Virginia’s Standards of Learning. Distance learning is the idea that an individual learns through the Internet using Web-based methods (Coffman, 2012). I find that it can be very beneficial to today’s society and a way to speak the technology language of our upcoming generations. I found myself exploring the opportunities of using a timeline in business and found it would be very useful for students to create as a project. I would like to ask them how the water surrounding the island is and if it is polluted or clean.
If DNA could be recovered to produce a seedling to plant and replenish the Calvaria major trees than is that an option?
I directly related the two topics to form my hypothesis and come up with a solution to the problem.
These tools not only allow us a new and exciting way to present information, but they also allow for us to continue our mission to implement technology in the classroom as well as use inquiry in the classroom.
I really enjoyed this activity and found it to be a different way to introduce someone to a topic or a webpage. You do the heavy lifting, and I’ll provide the expertise and guide you every step of the way. Formative assessments are also known as pretests, which allow educators to determine what the students know and understand to guide them in instruction. I found this meeting interesting because of its relevance to this assignment and how students and educators are faced with different types of assessments.
Many students were interested in the scientific explanation as to why the Earth was created by something smaller than a single atom. However, I tackled this situation by telling students that I strongly respected their views and how important it is to believe and follow your family religions, however, in class we must discuss and learn about the scientific explanations as to how the Earth was created. It was a great experience that prepared me for the diverse beliefs that students bring to the school on a daily basis. An individuals locus of causality refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them (Woolfolk,  2013, p.431).
This was a motivation that I connected to previous semesters and relating it to the success I achieved while staying busy. Once in college, I believe that my motivation stemmed from Maslow’s three higher-level of needs; intellectual achievement, aesthetic appreciation, and self-actualization (Woolfolk, 2013, p.
Educators must focus their attention on differentiated instruction and bringing activities to students that can uplift and motivate them to learn through positive experiences.
I found that I enjoyed this type of learning because it was continuous and helped me to learn as much as I possibly could. I also believe that if enough breaks were given throughout the year, families could still enjoy and plan their vacations. It gives teachers the opportunity to build stronger relationships among students and allows everyone to still benefit from breaks throughout the year. I also started to think that it would be great practice for students to interview and conduct job searches. Students see things happening in real-time, which not only teaches them the content, but in-turn incorporates life lessons.
After exploring virtual worlds, I found that bringing a virtual world into the classroom allows for field trips to be minimized. In the “presentation cum group”, students are engaged in the study of a botany unit that requires studying the textbook with tutorial help of their instructor. I have attached a letter written to the Board of Education for their next scheduled meeting with information and rationale as to where I placed cuts.I chose Stafford County Public Schools because that is currently where I live and work as a substitute.
It is important for a school to maintain its library staff to keep current with books and research information. Textbook adoption is extremely helpful when it comes to subject content and keeping information up-to-date.
I made this decision because as I am currently employed at Stafford County Public Schools, this option does not exist.
I carefully placed budget cuts in areas that were not being used to maximize other categories to their full potential. As I had a hard time creating the information, I found that the timeline activity would be the best fit for what I am currently covering in class. This chapter is directly related to our mini projects and I found myself connecting our current experiences with distance learning.
This idea of distance learning allows individuals to maintain a busy life that is trending while having the opportunity to further their education and learn.
We just previously explored the factors of production and the entrepreneurship of Milton Hershey. My hypothesis is that due to this rapid loss of the Calvaria major tree, humans are not replenishing their seeds and in turn the trees that are left are dying and unable to produce seeds.
I would also like to ask how the weather is in the area compared to the amount of water the trees need to survive. According to Anita Woolfolk, we can obtain previous knowledge through behavioral theory, cognitive theory, and constructivist theory (Woolfolk, 2013). It was very unique to see myself recalling previous information and relating it to the lesson. These tools can reach out to students and make a lesson meaningful to them through differentiated instruction.
I will work virtually with you and your team members to give you specific direction to support all of the phases of the strategic management process and ensure you are on the right track. The result is a fully functioning plan, implementation plan and measurement tools in months. The outcome of the meeting decided that every subject should follow the following grade distribution.
Some students, however, strongly believe in a specific religion and believe that the Earth was created by a God. I discussed with students the information and how it will pertain to upcoming tests and quizzes and how the information will tie into higher education courses. After learning about external and internal locus of control, I believe that I’m motivated intrinsically and extrinsically. As I started to dissect this process, I started to understand that my motivation comes extrinsically due to the good grades and positive feedback I received while in college. 434).  I believe that my motivation intrinsically and extrinsically came from these levels because of the constant searching for knowledge and understanding, curiosity, exploration and need for relationship meaning.
This would also give families more options as to when they want to hold their vacations depending on the season and location. This idea would prepare students for questions involved during an interview and what employers would look for as they search for their first job. Baveja’s approach follows problem-based learning because students are pushed beyond retaining information from a textbook and must apply it to solve classifications from new or existing plants (Woolfolk, 2013). Baveja asked her students to label, categorize, and make relations between plants based on their structural characteristics of roots, stems, and leaves. Using inquiry in the classroom: Developing creative thinkers and information literate students. This was a strong decision I had to make, without our educators, we would not be able to effectively teach students.
I decided to cut two points towards physical books because of the amount of information and access schools can have online.
I took one point off of this category because I do not see it implemented as much as it could be and I am afraid that funds are not being properly used. The student activity bus program is also very beneficial to students and allows students without a ride to partake in extracurricular programs with a way home safely. My ending result consisted of a 20% reduction in the budget and a total of 88 total points for Mountain View High School.

I decided to use Capzle to create my timeline around the different steps it takes to start your own business. It would be exciting for students to pick an entrepreneur and create a timeline of their success in inventing a common item we use today.
The old and dying trees are still left on the island because they have no use to humans as the young and plentiful ones did. Woolfolk believes that an individual can go through multiple stages and not just one with a topic.
Podcasts are being used for all levels of education and can be easily accessed by students on a multitude of devices (Solomon, & Schrum, 2010). I had fun creating this Avitar because of the countless number of options it allowed me to choose from. This plan will be specific to your organization and industry, and ready for successful implementation. Summative assessments are used for testing student knowledge of the learned subject material taught throughout the course. I found that many students understood my explanation and were respectful of the information and did very well in the subject area. This motivation was due to the factors outside of myself that I cannot change unless it is something that we can personally gain (Woolfolk, 2013, p.431). Once I achieved these intellectual achievements, I wanted more which bumped me up to Maslow’s next level of aesthetic appreciation through the feeling of accomplishment and meeting psychological needs . Educators can do this by different activities for different students based on their abilities (Woolfolk, 2013). People can interact through a virtual world and walk around like they would in their real life. It delivers the same quality instruction without having to take time away and ultimately saves money for the school and the students involved. Another group of students are also studying a botany lesson but are following an inductive approach by using hands-on methods for learning about botany and how to classify specific plants. These students scored higher on the test than the cum group of students because they were taught to comprehend their research findings and apply them to the problem at hand.
Since this is what they did in their instruction, the inductive students used what they learned to expand their knowledge. Cuts I made are written in red along with specific details as to why I chose to make cuts in that category.
Books can be purchased for a lower price online and ultimately save space in the school by accessing them online. I kept full points for the teacher instructional category because this includes supplies used in the classroom by both teachers and students alike. It is important to understand the order of steps pertaining to starting your own business and that is when I realize this would be a perfect fit for my second mini project.
This week I learned how important it is to use Web-based tools on the Internet to create lessons used for instruction and interaction across the globe.
Most importantly I would be interesting in learning more about the humans native to the area and how they use the tree for human use and how often they may cut down the trees. When exploring this activity, I found myself using the behavioral theory by understanding what the problem was asking of me.
I had to simply explain to the students that the state requires educators to teach students about certain subjects. Following aesthetic appreciation, I entered into self-actualization by receiving my diploma and pursuing a higher education.
Self-efficacy is more than building self-esteem, but it molds actions and outcomes of students, which ultimately builds self-esteem through accomplishment. Buildings, landscape, weather, and objects are also made to look real and change as they would in our world.
The cum group of students scored two times lower than the inductive group because they were not exposed to making the subject material meaningful, therefore stopping creative thinking. Our assignment was to assess categories that schools budget and as a superintendent make the final budget cut decisions. When I assign a research assignment to my students, they rarely use physical books from the school library, no matter how much I encourage them to use these books. It is important to maintain these supplies in the classroom because of their importance to instruction and learning for all ages. I used the cognitive theory to recall memory about what a hypothesis is and how I could relate rainforest deforestation to our problem. This is just one tool we explored this week that can become the link to creating engaging inquiry-oriented activities that would be impossible to achieve without integrating technology tools (Coffman, 2013). I also enjoyed the option that allowed me to use my own voice, a text-to-voice option, or different languages from around the world. How these assessments are used and interpreted determine what type of assessment category it falls under.
This motivation was derived from my need to fulfill personal creativity and to pursue my inner talent.
If educators did not set reachable goals for students, they would have higher anxiety and hear in the classroom.
I used constructivist theory to make sense of the two and how they relate to form it into my own exploration. I could see myself using this tool with my students as a project for an introduction to the class.
Classroom management is the first step to create a positive work environment and one that shows students encouragement and a positive environment to work and study in. Without this financial budget, we would have open holes in our education system, making it difficult to deliver a positive education for all students. As I do believe that field trips are a great way to deliver information and get the students involved, I have experienced that not a lot of learning actually takes place on these trips. Positive behavior support is important to maintain in the public school system and I left it at full points. I think it would be meaningful for students to create an account that contained a small snippet of information about themselves that they could share to the class. With each taste from each level, it pushes me to want more and strive for an even higher accomplishment (Woolfolk, 2013, p. I do believe that with the technology boom, field trips can be done virtually and produce a better learning experience done in the classroom. It is extremely important that we maintain funding to custodial staff and building repair and maintenance personnel because we want to continue to provide a safe and clean school for all individuals. For our purpose, we can afford to cut this category significantly to keep other categories in our budget. Ultimately it would provide useful information to the class about themselves and allow them to enjoy the activity.
This category can be pushed to higher years and help place funds for educators who teach special education in K-12 grades.
Tools such as the talking Avitar are useful for students in the classroom and easy to use for all ages. I lowered the points in this category by two because of the technology that is now available.
NovaNet allows students to take missed classes online during the school day and ultimately take away the need for “summer” school. After-school programs are currently available at Mountain View High School but are held by students themselves.

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