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In the second installment of his Trappers and Philosophers hip-hop column, Michael Madden profiles Kevin Gates with particular focus on the rapper’s musical and personal themes of depression and senseless death. Gates, born Kevin Gilyard, admires and identifies with Brasi’s reputation as an enforcer.
The thing is, though: Just as Brasi ultimately sleeps with the fishes, Gates, no matter how invincible he can appear at times, can be taken down. Growing up in South Baton Rouge, where he was primarily raised by his Puerto Rican grandmother, Gates tells me he started dealing with depression in seventh or eighth grade (around the same time he started rapping).
It took Gates some time to get comfortable with his audience, to really vent, possibly because such openness has yet to reach the Tipping Point. Rappers and their civilian counterparts have different approaches to dealing with struggles like death and mourning.
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This will be your default for searching and browsing, but we'll still show you results for other languages. I worked with Joachim Garraud, myself and Etty [Lau Farrell, his wife] and Zeds Dead did a track, this young kid. The collaboration with the two artists is groundbreaking for the EDM world given the introduction of a hip-hop legend being brought into the fold. In his music, Gates projects intimidation when he humorously vows to manhandle anyone who scuffs his shoes and, in a more serious sense, when he looks back on violence he’s seen in Baton Rouge and elsewhere.
The battle has never really ended, either, and he partly attributes that to the violence he’s been around since he was just a kid. In April, a month and a half after the death of his older brother Treon by police taser, I spoke with Miami rapper Denzel Curry at his tour stop in Minneapolis. The intro is the sound of a young boy (around middle school age, judging by the kid’s voice) calling Gates to check up. Buy 'As Your Friend' now on iTunesThe track comes from Afrojack's forthcoming debut album, set for release via his own Wall Recordings later in 2013.
I’ve got tracks from a couple of other producers, but most of it’s been done by Jochaim and it’s going to be in Las Vegas, immersive theater, a musical. I recently talked to him on the phone while he was in New Orleans, which is about an hour and a half southeast of Baton Rouge. This is fitting because, as an artist, he’s always chasing down different ideas, different sounds. He actually has a Master’s in psychology, which he earned during one of his several stints behind bars.

I asked Curry about his loss, but while he was a good-humored interview by and large, he didn’t want to talk about his brother.
Considering that depression has a way of sapping its victims of the motivation to do things they normally enjoy, it’s the only possible statement.
Then, fast-forwarding the narrative as if to explain what he wants the boy to avoid, Gates recounts being shot and different romantic failures. Gates is not an Eeyore, but the personal nature of his lyrics is hard to overstate when so many rappers rely on positive patterns (accumulation of money, etc.) to fuel their verses. The coloring and his expression, this contorted look of general disapproval, makes him look more like a slab of concrete than a human. Early in his career, Gates’ music was generally more lighthearted than it is now, what with his springy Southern anthems and his no-details-spared sex raps. Some artists want the music to do all the talking, which is understandable, although I would’ve appreciated the quote. Afrojack wrote the song along with Brown, Leroy Styles and Nadir Sakir and produced it along with Styles, DJ Buddha and Polow da Don.Afrojack introduced "As Your Friend" at Clive Davis' 2013 Pre-Grammy Gala, where he included it in an electronic set meant as a representation of dance music culture. He seems to write songs to learn from the things that ail him, that would otherwise stay with him without letting go.

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