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The global upsurge in interest in EDM (Electronic Dance Music), emanating from the US acceptance of Dubstep and its subsequent pop crossover, has seen the genre scale to become a $4 billion industry annually.A decade ago no one would have guessed that EDM would grow to become the most influential genre of music in America. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. I hear it blaring through people’s headphones at the gym, blasting from neighboring dorm rooms at any given time of the day and bumping on my car radio. Andy Spedick, an EDM producer from The College of New Jersey, believes EDM is the most dominant genre in popular music right now. Boston College student Nuria Boj posits that you do not have to enjoy going to raves to enjoy EDM.
San Diego State University student Michelle Jackson talks about the EDM rave culture, often seen as a blight on EDM’s reputation. Cassie Gala, student at University of Rhode Island, defends EDM against its frequent association with drug use.

New England Institute of Technology student and EDM DJ Riley Bradway, who once opened for Zeds Dead, a popular Candian DJ duo, claims EDM to be the rock n' roll of our generation. Yet its presence is now felt across all walks of life, from its integration into radio friendly pop to sell out festivals.
This basic code of conduct for EDM culture promotes a loving, unified environment in which everyone is welcome and no one is an outcast.
Its sudden rise in popularity is definitely a phenomenon and I don't think anyone predicted the magnitude to which it would expand. Many people only hear the bad side about the EDM culture, but I know that this scene has positively impacted so many lives, including my own.
Within the next ten to twenty years, I think we’ll see EDM incorporated into our music culture much like rock music is such a big part of our music culture today. Most impressive are the young, talented artists who are creating the content you are hearing.

EDM sneaks into my every day one way or another, from an early morning shower to late night studying.
Although it is virtually impossible to remove the drugs and the drug image from this culture, it should be known that one doesn’t need drugs to listen to EDM or attend these types of events. For me, EDM stands isolated from the drug and rave culture with which it is often associated. Apart from climbing a gate to watch Calvin Harris work the crowd with ‘Feel So Close’ in Ibiza, I have never splurged on tickets to see famous DJs.

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