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Gypsy Stevie Nicks PortraitAZRainman sources+3 commentsfull view Lovely image, I know it is a face swap but this has an extra element of quality, the integration is really good and there is a kind of spiritual feel to this.
Stevie Nicks Angelpreemiememe "i do believe in angels" source pics+1 commentsfull view The left wing (her right) looks like a butterfly wing. Stevie Nicks on the Edge Of SeventeenAZRainman +4 commentsfull view What is this? Stevie Nicks in the Middle of the Firelesmack +2 commentsfull view This is really pretty but I'm not sure I understand the Paul Stanley make-up! Stevie Nicks the MermaidRuby62 +2 commentsfull view Nice idea, but the lighting on her face is too flat for the rest of your image.
Thank You Stevie Nicks - Happy BirthdayHitspinner I tried to capture Stevie's elgance and spirit that seems to always look beyond.

In her solo career and together with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks produced over twently Top 50 hits, got a Grammy Award and was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.
Some examples are - showing what alternative careers she might have chosen, what other music styles or bands she could have performed in, Stevie Nicks in paintings and movies, etc.
Stevie Nicks or the Flying Nun, nice work good work, my only critique, her eyes appear to be a bit too dark to me, especially her left one, but I like the composition and colour scheme. Comments welcome and please vote for all the artists here.Thanks so much+4 commentsfull view Hmmmmmm, seems to have lost a lot of detail in the upload. Source Pics +4 commentsfull view My husband was sitting here making fun of Stevie while I was showing him the contest. Although she loves to wear black clothes and all her work is copyrighted under the name Welsh Witch Music, Nicks repeatedly denied any involvement in witchcraft.

In 1998, in an interview to Redbook magazine, Stevie said that she believes in angels and that she's only alive today because "God was looking out" for her during the years of her drug addiction. RIP LOLThey make really cool planters by the way This is very beautiful and elegant picture of Stevie Nicks.

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